Black Braydon -  Classic Metal Eyeglasses
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Braydon Black Eyeglasses

FRAME Price: $19

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  • These black full-rimmed eyeglasses are modern and industrial. This distinguished style has a satin black finish and defined rectangular shaped lenses for a classic appeal. The temples feature subtle detailing and taper into plastic tips. Adjustable nose pads and spring hinges make for a great fit.

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

    Frame Size




    Other Features

    Spring hinge


    15g - Lightweight

    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • Easy To Order great Price And fit

    Great Price And Fit that was easy to order! it was made and shipped fast as well! Will being doing business with the again soon as 4 of the 5 family members wear glasses.

    Great fit and great glasses.

    First pair of prescription reading glasses I've ever had and now I wonder why I've never had them before now. Great service, great fit, and great glasses.

    Bought my last 6 pairs

    Bought my last 6 pairs here and will do it again on future needs Al Tobey

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    SuperMan 5000

    I received a very nice pair of Clark Kent eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect. The prescription matched perfectly and it was very inexpensive. I will now pick up a couple of more glasses, one for a backup and maybe some tinted ones for driving ;)

    Experience was good. They kept

    Experience was good. They kept me updated on progress & the glasses arrived as planned.

    Great glasses at a great price

    Wow, I was really pleased with how easy it was to choose my frames and order my glasses. Great value.

    The best pair glasses I've

    The best pair glasses I've ever had

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    We always love our glasses. They are a great product.

    no problems

    I can honestly say that I have no complaints at all. Turn around time was good. I got my glasses for 140.00 bucks less than vision works!

    Great looks and fit

    These glasses are just what they looked like on the web site and fit very well. As always, the quality is very good.

    Great glasses

    Love this company wouldn't go anywhere else

    Cautious first-time buyer

    The on-line buying process was very straightforward and well explained by EyeBuyDirect's website. The dimensions given for each of the various frames gave me plenty of information and options to select the best choice for my head size and taste. On-line entry of my eyeglass prescription was easy to do. Several updates on the status of my order were provided. The glasses arrived within a reasonable period of time. The frames fit me better than most store-bought prescription glasses I have purchased. My vision with the new glasses is as good as any glasses I have purchased from a vision store and the price was better. There is nothing not to like about the purchase!

    Wrong glasses sent

    Was sent wrong glasses which added 2 weeks delivery time.


    Not my first buy nor my last. Always a great value for anyone who wears glasses

    Service and quality excellent

    Only difficulty I had was trying to find a suitable frame, I never found a gold colored frame as that was my choice. (have had for many years) The black hinged frames I got are very good just not the color I prefer.

    love the service and quality

    Eyebuy is an extremely well organized company. Fantastic service, communication, and superior quality. I would highly recommend using them for all of your vision needs. Thankyou.

    Best pair of eyeglasses for the money!

    I have spent thousands of dollars over the years buying eyeglasses for my prescription, which changes every year. The glasses I got from were done quickly, professionally, and correctly. I received emails during each step in the processing, and received quick response when I asked about delivery. For the money, this is the best pair of eyeglasses I have owned. I have tried all the big name eye glass providers (retail and insurance-covered), and without any insurance payment, my new glasses came in at just under $62.00 for a bifocal presciprtion! Finally, some sense in the eyeglass industry!

    A good value

    Glasses from Eye Buy Direct are a good value. Would be 5 stars, if I could order the same glasses each time.

    Great eyeglasses. Great price.

    The cost of the frame was extremely low and even though I have a difficult RX which includes a prism the total cost was about 1/3 the price that my optometrist wanted to charge me. I be back whenever I need a new pair of glasses.

    My online purchase of Eye Glasses

    The process was easy and when I ran into one problem I called and the assistance with the phone ensured I had the order right, The prices are great ($50.40 instead of $180) and I will now use EyeBuyDirect for all My Glasses needs.

    I'll be back.

    After seeing a 60 Minutes segment on the world-wide monopoly being built by Luxottica, I decided to be sure that my next pair of glasses would be made by another company. That started me shopping around and searching the Internet. My conclusion was that EyeBuyDirect had the best prices and selection, with very good reviews for quality. My experience was excellent. The hardest part was deciding which frames to pick since they had so many to offer. Their clever "Try them on" software helped me a lot. Once I made my mind up and placed the order, it took less than 2 weeks to receive my shipment -- better than I had expected from some of their reviews. My new glasses fit and work perfectly. Since they cost about one fifth of my previous prescription glasses, I am even considering going back for a second pair with transition lenses. That segment by 60 Minutes was a real eye opener. To see how extensive the Luxottica monopoly has grown, check out the Wikipedia article: Scary.

    3rd pair from EyeBuyDirect

    Only have good things to say about EyeBuyDirect! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a source for purchasing glasses.

    Superior product for an inexpensive price

    Superior, well-made pair of glasses. I purchased metal frames with spring hinges. Feels firms and comfortable on my face. I will buy a second pair as a back up.

    I loved the glasses

    i bought glasses for my spouse and my daughther and we loved them. the staff was very helpful.

    High quality glasses

    Great price for high quality glasses.




    My husband and I have bought 7 pair SO FAR and we love them! Much better then ones we've paid several hundred dollars for

    Fine for my computer

    I tought I could see TV & my computer and read all together but it is only right for my computer.

    I'd buy from the again, sex a third time repeat customer.

    Every time I order, I get exactly what I wanted. Just as advertised and high quality. Love the included hard case too. Just passed my FAA medical again thanks to their product. Now if I could just get my wife to quit buying $400 glasses from her optometrist thinking they are somehow better......

    Look as good as the $500 pair

    I thought I didn't have much to lose buying from EyeBuyDirect. In retrospect, it turned out I lost $500 by buying the original pair from an opthalmogist.

    I like them!

    My insurance only covers eye glasses every 2 years. Now I can afford to get them when I need them!

    ok but slow

    glasses were fine but took too long to get them. . .3 weeks

    Great Product Great Price

    I was looking for a cheaper pair of glasses as I wear them only to watch TV before bed. These Glasses are well made and are a great price. I will definitely be shopping with eyebuydirect again.

    Surprisingly great value.

    I admit I was skeptical, but took a chance. I could not be more pleased. Glasses are great. Solid quality. Prescription is dead on. Very pleased.


    Great fit, great look, great price, great look, hats off to you guys! If your looking for a really good deal on some new eyewear this is the place to go! Good job EYEBUYDIRECT.COM

    Easy to order

    excellent choices and best value available

    Great deal!

    just received my glasses and they fit great, look great, and the prescription is correct. For 1/6 the price of my last pair of glasses, I'm never buying anywhere else!

    Excellent Eyeglasses

    Excellent quality. Cheap. Excellent service. Just bought another pair.


    Best experience ever for prescription glass purchase


    very happy with glasses and super happy with how quickly they got here


    Love them

    Good product,great service

    Good product,great service

    Only Place to Buy Your Glasses

    I have ordered 3 pairs of glasses from EyeBuyDirect in last 2 years. They are always helpful and nice. Plus the prices are the best. I recommend them to all my friends and family and to you..


    I love my glasses they were easy to order and came in perfect condition

    Customer Service

    EyeBuy Direct far exceeded my expectations in dealing with an issue, an issue of my own doing, I had with my glasses. The level of customer service they have given in all of my contacts with them is unsurpassed. I will be going to EBD for all of my future glasses needs.

    Great customer service!

    Title says it all.

    Fantastic Service

    I ordered these frames on January 31, and I received them on February 12. That is a fantastic turn around considering they are leaving TX and heading to an isolated community in Northern Manitoba. I won't buy from anywhere else.

    Make good driving glasses

    I use them on the road in the car. Easy to see, nice and big around eyes, adjustable nose.

Braydon BLACK
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