Matte Black Versus -  Classic Plastic Eyeglasses
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Versus - model image
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Versus Matte Black Eyeglasses

FRAME Price: $9

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  • These matte black eyeglasses are timeless and steadfast. This classic style comes in a matte black finish throughout with narrow rectangular shaped lenses. Clean lines and monochromatic finish creates a look that is universally flattering and versatile.

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

    Frame Size





    10g - Lightweight

    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • Amazing fit

    Excellent quality, on time delivery, amazing fit. Totally happy with the product!


    Great glasses, prescription was spot on, comfortable glasses, fast shipping, everything was great

    Will buy again!

    My glasses arrived promptly. I am so happy with them. My teenage granddaughter said they make me look smart!

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    Skeptical at first, but WOW was I wrong!

    I was skeptical to buy Rx glasses online so I bought what I thought was a cheap pair of frames, you know just to give it a try and see how these glasses would turn out. WOW! I was shocked when I opened the box to find beautiful frames that were way more attractive in person than online and I literally took the frames out of the box and started wearing them instantly. My frames did not need adjusting and the lenses are just perfect. I work in front of a computer screen all day so I paid extra for the filtering tint and I am shocked at how perfect these glasses are. I recommend EyeBuyDirect to everyone and stop paying those outrageous mark up prices at the stores.

    All was great

    All was great


    Glasses were just as I ordered them. I will definitley shop here again.

    Best Ever

    I was referred to EyeBuyDirect by a family member. I am a customer for life!

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    Slow Delivery

    The glasses are great but they take a long time to get to you...

    Mostly good

    Everything with fine, other than it took way too long.

    I was so impressed with

    I was so impressed with my glasses I ordered a spare and sunglasses

    Awesome purchase

    Prescription accurate and style of frame impeccable.

    Love my new glasses!

    Very satisfied with my new glasses purchase! The first pair ordered didn't look right after all, sent them back, had a new pair very quickly, and they paid the return shipping. I'll be ordering more soon..thank you EyeBuyDirect!

    So Cool

    I finally look like a stud!

    Love eyebuy

    Great product great shipping great experience



    Great quality for the $

    The Wife was very please and wants a pair for each outfit (which I am not so happy about).


    Very happy with glasses

    There frame is cute they

    There frame is cute they fit perfect i love them

    Love EyeBuyDirect

    Everyone in my family has purchased glasses from EyeBuyDirect. I have also told friends and other family members about it. There's a lot of options to chose from. Everyone in my family that has purchased glasses loves them.

    very happy with my glasses...

    very happy with my glasses... high quality at great price!

    Very happy with my purchase!

    Very happy with my purchase!




    Can't complain, nice glasses only reason I knocked a star off is cause they are a little tight behind my ears but that could just be me, will purchase more soon

    Love it

    They are really good and looks amazing on me

    I am very happy with

    I am very happy with my purchase from eye buy direct. Thanks

    Great experience overall! Would highly

    Great experience overall! Would highly recommend product and customer service to friends and family!

    Best Online Glasses

    Best Online Glasses

    5 star

    Greatly appreciate been informed about the process and the timely manner of delivery. I will be using the service for my next pair.


    Shipping still takes a long while for APO. But otherwise, I'm happy with the product.

    Well made, comfortable, and cheap

    The frames were exactly what I wanted and fit well. I was initially apprehensive about buying glasses without trying them on but thankfully had a great experience. Highly recommended.



    Best Service and Response

    Last year was my very first eye prescription glasses. Could not do the readers any longer. All of the glasses I was looking at were crazy expensive. My brother recommended EyeBuyDirect and now I am recommending EyeBuyDirect to anyone of my friends, clients and acquaintances. The service and response to your needs is beyond what I expected. Keep up the good work!!! I am a lifer!!


    Love my glasses! Great product and service!

    They were everything I’d hoped for.

    I ordered them as a low-cost experiment because my prescription has been changing so often I couldn’t afford to keep buying expensive glasses, and I wanted to test the product. So far, they seem to be ideal … and the price is unbeatable!

    great customer service

    i have ordered a couple of different frames that did not work for me. you have exchanged them for others and have helped me select frames which, hopefully, will be more suitable (still awaiting delivery of the new frames). i am very impressed with your customer service.

    Good Value

    Considering the fact that my eye prescription changes just about every time I see the eye doctor the glasses I receive from EyeBuyDirect are a great value. Instead of $300 to $500 for one pair of glasses that are only good for about 1 year I can buy a couple sets of glasses from EyeBuyDirect and still be several hundred dollars ahead.

    Great Glass

    Fast, easy, custom, quality, inexpensive, good-looking and functional. What more can you ask for?

    Happily Surprised

    I didn't know what to expect, ordering glasses online. But I was happily surprised at the quality of these glasses, when my matte black frames arrived today, only one week after ordering. Lightweight and comfortable, they also look great on my face! Good job eyenbuydirect -- I'll be back for more :)

    Versus Sunglasses

    I would highly recommend Eye Buy Direct. I have purchased a few pairs of glasses from them and have always been very satisfied. If there is a problem, they immediately take care of it. I have recommended several of my friends. Very happy with the ordering process, glasses and service. Thank you, Merle

    Great all around glasses

    First let me start off by saying...EyeBuyDirect is so awesome! These glasses are very sturdy and I do believe they can take a beating. I own the matte black ones and they are simple and have a classic look to them. I did have to make some adjustments to get them to fit correctly but now they fit great!

    Looks awesome

    No complaints from me. Looks nice, prescription is on the dot.


    Love my new glasses

    Great customer service updates. The

    Great customer service updates. The order processed quicker than estimated. Nice value. I wish the case they came in was lined instead of plastic. Thank you.

    Good deal

    i am happy with my eyeglasses and you made perfect prescription, i recomended to my son.

    Awesome experience!

    Very easy to order, excellent prices and fast shipping!

    Like it.

    I like service, the price, the quality and the response to my request.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    The title says it all. Very happy with my purchase.

    Good budget, Easy, fast and

    Good budget, Easy, fast and fashionable



    Computer glasses

    I'm near sighted, -3.75. I don't need bifocals to read, just take off my glasses. But when I'm using my computer I'm about 2 ft away and I have been placing a pair of +1.50 reading glasses over mine to read at that distance. I surmised that if I had a pair of -2.25 stand alone glasses with the same cylinder and axis, they would be perfect for just using the computer, or any other task that I would do from that range. You made them for me for about 10 bucks and they are perfect. The cheap frames aside, the lenses seem no different than ones I would get from my doctor. I have EyeMed insurance that I will continue to use for my free yearly pair, but I am now sold on these budget glasses you make enough for me to have several pairs to spread around. I just received my second order of "computer glasses" from you and they too are perfect. I am a satisfied customer, and have told many of my friends about these inexpensive glasses.

    Thank you

    Thank you for being prompt on sending in the glasses. The glasses fit perfectly and the lenses are clear and clean.


    Love them

    Very Good Customer Service

    Fast customer service. Very detailed and considerate. I've been able to have an exhange for my eyeglasses prescription and the outcome was excellent. Keep it up!

    Great glasses at a great price

    Lots of frame choices and the glasses fit great. The price is vary good. My only complaint is how long it took to get them.

    Great quality

    I was very pleased. The glasses are made of great quality. I was so happy with my eyeglasses when I got them that ordered a second pair.

    Great service. Timely could not

    Great service. Timely could not ask for better.

    A very little satisfied

    This pair of glasses does not clearly focous than the first pair I purchased from you

    Return policy is stupid

    Idiotic policies. I wanted to return a frame to swap out lenses, but they're sold out. So no big deal right, all they need to do is send back the same pair, I mean I'm obviously going to buy them again. But no. They donate to charity, so now I can't even get lenses in my frames. I HAVE to keep them

    Awesome product and service!

    Ordered from here several times and always very pleased! Also had a warranty issue and got great service and replacement glasses super fast! Love ordering from EyeBuyDirect!

    Loved them!

    My eyeglasses are cute, the correct prescription, and inexpensive!

    Saved me tons of money

    I am so glad I found this place. So far I have purchased 3 pairs!! At these prices I can use them as assories. Plus I really love getting the updates on the progress each step at a time. You know I will be purchasing more. I so apprecaite this company, thanks for all you do! Peace, Debi

    no problems here

    I love my new glasses. Script is right on. I ordered from another company and I couldn't see properly. I will be ordering a spare pair. Your prices are unbelievable! The only issue I had was with shipping time, it took much longer than stated. All in all, thank you for a wonderful product.

    Great experience

    I had such a wonderful experience purchasing my glasses. I would highly recommend this company to everyone who wear glasses and need to purchase. The service is great. It's easy to order let's not forget affordable. What I love most is that I'm informed of the process every step of the way. From the order being received to the cutting, the careful setting and shipping. I love Eye Buy Direct. So far I have ordered 4 pairs of glasses for myself and friends. It only took about 5days to receive your new beautiful glasses. I am so pleased. 5 stars *****

    Good price, good quality!

    Customer service very helpful. I have being buying eye glasses for myself family and friends for over 2 years.


    A little snug on my head, but besides that... really good sharp set of framesa



    Great Price. Great styles!

    Great Price. Great styles!

    Great fit, stylish too

    These glasses fit snugly and comfortably, all day long. They look good (matte black). And, they were cheap enough for me to try them with 2 different styles of lenses, to see which lens might work best for me (both lenses work well, as it turns out).

    love love love

    I love these glasses. Seriously haven't bought a bad pair from eyebuydirect and will continue buying my glasses from here

    Love my new glasses!

    They look stylish and were a total steal from what my eye doctors office wanted! Thanks :)

    Best website ever!!

    I was a little nervous buying glasses on line because you don't know the fit and how the glasses really look on you. Boy was I supprised in such a good way!! I will never buy my glasses any where else because I loved my experience with Eyebuydirect!! You went above and beyond my expectations and the price was incredible!! Thank You!!


    À recommander!! Vous pouvez commander les yeux fermés! Monture et verres supers, rien à redire! Je suis ravie et je vais réitérée l'expérience!

    good company

    I had no problems ordering from this company, I received the glasses fairly quickly.(about 2 weeks) They are the glasses I ordered and can see through them perfectly. I'm happy I discovered this company it is a live saver for the price of the glasses.

    Loved it!

    So easy and so simple. Best service ever!!!

    Great as always!

    I have ordered 2 pair of the $9 frames and just love them. They are high quality and just overall great!

    Love the glass!

    Great value.


    Exactly what I was looking for.

    Good buy!

    Couldn't ask for better glasses at a good price!

    Love my glasses!

    was very inexpensive and was at my doorstep in no time! They fit perfectly! I always love ordering from Eye Buy Direct!

    Love the glasses and the

    Love the glasses and the style. However, they are rather tight behind the ears.

    everything they promised and kept

    everything they promised and kept excellent updates going

    Jose A. Bermudez

    Just wat i need.

    That was Easy!

    My husband ordered 2 pairs of glasses for me on a Saturday I had them the following Friday quality better then much better then expected 7 dollars are yo kidding me?!

    Nice and easy

    I have used them two times now after getting my prescription from the eye doctor. I bought extra pairs to leave in different places because I like to misplace them. I bought 3 pairs for less than the cost of the 1 pair I bought with my insurance. The quality is equivalent and the convenience is worth it!


    They are lightweight. So inexpensive I bought 6 pairs.

    Satisfied customer!

    Great company *****

    Love my Versus

    I got 2 pairs of these frames - 1 blue, 1 black - and they are just great! They are very comfortable AND stylish! And I love how light-weight they are!

    Repeat Customer

    This is the only way to buy eyeglasses!

    5 star service! Quick and

    5 star service! Quick and easy purchase.

    Great prices and service

    I was very pleased with my experience and would purchase from Eye Buy Direct again

    Good framesI at low price

    These frames are very lightweight and hold their shape after adjustment. I'm using them for sunglasses and I'm very pleased with them. Quite a bargain!


    great choices at great prices

    Great pair for around the house

    I wear contacts normally. But these are great for when I don't want to wear them. Feel great, and I see fine. Would recommend especially for the price.

    Great Purchase

    I bought a few pairs of glasses: I was able to return the few that I didn't like, and the others I kept. I'm really at how affordable they were!

    Problem Solved

    I hit the wrong button and got the wrong type of lenses. Customer service gave me a reprieve and replaced my glasses and sent me back a shipping label to return what I ordered. Very happy, told a friend that my glasses were the same as his and they didn't cost me $400. He was shocked. Love EBD

    They r a steady pair

    I am happy with them

    ended well

    Messed up the prescription on the first set of glasses but made a new set and shipped them with no hassle. Good experience.

    Great product for a great price!

    Wide variety, low price, and delivered within a week! Awesome!


    These are no doubt the best glasses I have ever had, and I got them so affordably, it was practically a steal! I know where I'm buying my glasses from now on. If only they sold contacts as well...

    Such a great deal

    I love my pair of $9 glasses I got from this site. They're actually better than my $250 ones from the actual eye doctor. Even though you can't physically try them on, the price is SO worth it!!

    great service

    Excellent replacement pair for a defective pair I had purchased. Customer service was great and response was prompt. I am pleased with EyeBuyDirect.

    Fantastic Experience!

    Best price anywhere, excellent quality lenses. I am very happy with my glassses from eyebuydirect!


    Super easy and great process. Glasses are a low price and you can get multiple pairs for the price you pay elsewhere. Would def recommend and would order again!


    Ordered 2 pairs from eyebuydirect. These ones are great! I purchased them last Thursday and was at my door the following Friday. Awesome

    Great Prices

    I loved the prices and the styles. I thought it was great that they updated you every step of the way on what was happening with you order

    great frames

    prescription incorrect twice. took them local to get lenses corrected.

    Great Service, Great Price, Great Product

    Okay, so I screwed up and typed in the wrong prescription. When my glasses showed up they were clearly not right. I contacted EyeBuyDirect and they exchanged them for the right prescription at no charge. Both orders were processed quickly and arrived on time. The right prescription is perfect, the glasses are comfortable and look like I expected. I will definitely buy again!

    Nice glasses for the price.

    Nice glasses for the price.


    The lenses are perfect and the price is fantastic! The frames are solid and just what I was looking for. I shopped around at local stores and not even Costco or Sam's club could beat EyeBuyDirect's price. I will be ordering from them again. At these prices I can afford multiple pairs of glasses to go with a variety of styles.

    Highly Recommended! A+

    Very happy with them,just need to get a little adjustment. Saved me a lot of money! I am telling everyone! Thank you. Highly recommended.

    Good glasses, great price

    While these are not the highest quality frames, the prescription lenses are done well and the price is very low. Makes it easy to own several pairs. Great value!

    Great eyeglasses!

    I love getting the quality of great glasses and not having to spend hundreds of dollars! Will always be a loyal customer!


    absolutely loved the frames! Great fit and the matte black looks really nice!

    Great for sunglasses & does not slide off my nose

    I bought this pair with 80% gray tint to make it as my sunglasses. I love the shape, the matte look (instead of shiny black), and for the price of the frame and lenses, you can't beat it! But most of all, I am Asian and glasses I buy without the adjustable nose pads tend to slide off my nose, but this pair stays on my nose, LOL! It's a big plus for me! I have ordered 3 pairs (including this pair), and just ordered 2 more for my child for a fraction of a cost compared to local optical store! (my child's glasses with insurance cost me nearly $300!) They come with very nice quality cases and cloth, too.

    Little Black Glasses

    I never orders glasses online before, but after using EyeBuyDirect i will start purchasing my prescription glass with them. There constant updates and fast delivery really put the icing on the cake. As per quality it is outstanding the prescription and frames surpass my expectation.


    my husband love the new glasses I bought for him he said they were better than the one he bought at FOR EYES store


    Great quality for excellent price. Actually lighter than the glasses I paid a fortune for to get lightweight. Will be ordering again!

    Great service and glasses

    Great service and glasses

    My review

    Everything was great! The price was just right and the glasses are perfect! The shipping was quick as well!

    Good product for a good price

    I have ordered 3 times and have been impressed each time. Ordering is effortless, tracking of the order is available at all times, and the order was correct and delivered in about a week. Of course, you still need to go to an optometrist to get your prescription.

    5 Stars

    Their products and customer service are both excellent!


    quick, cheap, decent quality. Thanks!

    I love my glasses

    Eyebuydirect well definitely always get my business, The glasses are really affordable and also add my prescription was affordable. For such a lie price the glasses are extremely durable. Not flimsy at all. Can't wait to order other paid.

    Excellent deal

    My sister recommended this site, and I'll buy my glasses here from now on. Better quality than the ones I bought in store for a much better price.

    Love them!

    They are cute and SUPER comfortable.

    The only pair she likes!

    My Mom has Alzheimers and it has been difficult to find a pair of glasses that she will keep on. So far so good. She seems to like them. Thanks


    Good price, good quality, fast service. EyeBuy is a tremendous value.

    Love the glasses

    Great price.

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