Clear/Gray Dreamer -  Designer Acetate Eyeglasses
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Dreamer Clear/Gray Eyeglasses

FRAME Price: $52

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  • These clear gray eyeglasses are clean and sophisticated. This metropolitan style boasts a delicate semi-transparent gray acetate frame front with distinctive rectangular shaped lenses. Thin metal temples add a finishing touch to a contrasting look that is suitable for both men and women.

    Other Colors Available:

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

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    14g - Lightweight

    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • Probably the best price/value

    I hit five stars. I liked it. I would buy again. Ok? Ok.

    Great quality

    Wearing these at at work as I type this review. Light weight, stylish and comfortable to wear.

    Great glasses, great service

    Stumbled on EyeBuyDirect about 2 years ago and have bought several pairs of glasses since. Always have great service. This pair was just what was needed - comfortable fit on my large head, not too heavy while not flimsy, good look. Very satisfied.

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    terrible glasses

    My prescription was so off, I got dizzy when I put them on. Not only where they wrong, but backward. They were progressive, but reverse. The top was on bottom and the bottom on top.

    Customer Satisfaction.

    Very satisfied with the services that EyeBuyDirect provides. It is one thing to say what you do and another thing to actually do it. EyeBuyDirects customer service department is exceptional, no bait & switch. The only place I will buy glasses.


    Was very skeptical about ordering online, not being able to try on. Totally satisfied. Will be ordering another pair!!!

    great glasses great price fast

    great glasses great price fast service

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    Progressive glasses

    I purchased progressive glasses for distant vision to readings but reading is difficult. either the reading prescription was wrong or the grind is wrong. I will keep it anyway since distant vision is good.

    paid for shipping i didn't get, then got a refund

    I paid $40 ( a lot ) for the fast shipping, then didn't get fast shipping. I was able to get a refund, so not an awful experience, but the extra time to get the refund was a hassle. That's why not 5 stars. I like the glasses.

    Great experience overall but room for improvement

    Overall, the glasses are top notch products. The only thing I would ask to improve in the customer experience is after ordering the product. There's not much visibility into how long the glasses will take in terms of delivery. The link that is sent with the confirmation email is broken and I could not log onto the site for some reason. Other than that, keep up the amazing work!

    1st return

    First time I had an issue with my glasses, but I notified the company and they said that they would pay for my return shipment and send back a new pair of my choosing. One week later I got them in the mail. I love my new glasses! Again!

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