Gunmetal Clinton -  Metal Eyeglasses
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Clinton Gunmetal Eyeglasses

FRAME Price: $29

Description Details Reviews (53)
  • These gunmetal eyeglasses are stark and straightforward. This enduring design features a matte gunmetal frame front surrounding softened rectangular lenses. The complementing black temples are unadorned and slender. Adjustable nose pads make this look suitable for both men and women.

    Other Colors Available:

    Gunmetal Clinton -  Metal Eyeglasses - model image Gunmetal Clinton -  Metal Eyeglasses - model image Gunmetal Clinton -  Metal Eyeglasses - model image Gunmetal Clinton -  Metal Eyeglasses - model image

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

    Frame Size





    15g - Lightweight

    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • Our recent purchase.

    Absolutely wonderful customer service. Very refreshing in today's world!

    Great experience!

    Great experience!

    Great job!

    Outstanding products and customer service.

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    Perfect as sent

    Just what I ordered, both pairs fit and absolute clearity.

    great pair of glasses

    Excellent, will always buy from here.

    Great Customer Service beyond expectations.

    I received the glasses and they are wonderful. I replaced my bifocals when sitting at the computer, and I'm surprised how clearly I can read the smallest type.

    Another Success

    Another Success

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    95% Happy

    The Clinton looks good and the quality of the lenses seems excellent. The only down side is that these frames (metal) only have one set of hinges instead of two...every pair of metal frames I've ever owned has had two they can bend both in and out. This make them more comfortable and easier to put on and off. It's true that the description did not mention a second set of hinges...I just assumed that because they were metal frames they'd have both. I was tempted to return them (under the 14 day guarantee) and pick a different frame, but decided it was not worth it. Incidentally, this is the third time I've bought from EyeBuyDirect and on the whole I'm very satisfied with this company. They deliver an excellent product at a very reasonable price. Despite my small disappointment with the Clinton (see above) I will order again from them.

    Good job

    Glasses have been impressive. Service even better.

    Rick Hutchinson

    Glasses fit and look great! Customer service was kind and professional! No complaints and I highly recommend!

    opinion about my new glasses

    I feel like they are a good value.


    Fantastic customer service

    excellent value!!!!

    excellent value!!!! will purchase again!!

    Price caught my attention

    The quality and exceptional quality customer keeps me coming back. I have bought 6 pairs in 3 years with every purchase efficient and very satisfied. I am fully satisfied

    Comfortable for all day use

    I've had an excellent experience with EyeBuyDirect. I ordered a couple pairs of digital protection prescription glasses, and I love these especially. These Clinton frames in particular are super comfortable and lightweight for all day use. I can use them with headphones and won't even notice they are there. My picky girlfriend even says they look good on me.

    Awesome. Love them.

    They're light weight and look and feel great.

    Finally, a company that does it right.

    Ordering was easy. Pricing and options were clear. They updated me on progress. They arrived on time. Quality was excellent. A company that delivers what it promises.I am so satisfied.

    consistent quality

    customer for several years now and have purchased many pairs. quality of products are outstanding.

    Very Good

    Quick & just what I ordered

    Great glasses, great price!

    Great glasses, great price!

    you suck



    Great product!


    Ordering was easy, even though I had to return my order, the replacement came in no time and is a quality pair of glasses. Thanks to all of you!


    Good glasses, good service!

    EyeBuy Direct make certain that The Eyes Have It right.

    EyeBuy Direct make certain that The Eyes Have It right. Happy customer for ten (?) years.

    Very happy experience

    The glasses and frames are very good and suit my style (I am not demanding, but the results are good).

    I am pleased with my

    I am pleased with my new glasses! The RX is right and it feels good to see again.

    Great service.

    Fast efficient and great product.

    Fast Perfect Service.

    I ordered glass from the optometrist the same day I ordered from EyeBuyDirect. The glasses from EyeBuyDirect arrived a week earlier. I still don't understand why the ones from the Optometrist were $180 more than the ones I bought from EyeBuyDirect. Great job and thank you!


    the service I got was excellent when my sunglasses were replaced

    Thanks for your great service.

    Thanks for your great service. I will buy again.

    Very Happy with my purchase

    So glad I found EyeBuyDirect, eyeglasseses can be so expense. I bought two pair of eyeglasses and can't be happier.

    Great fit

    I had bought a different pair of glasses from EyeBuyDirect that had a defect on it.. but they were still under warranty and the person i talked to at EyeBuyDirect was great/ She informed me that the first pair i got was now discontinued and had to pick another style and just pay the difference (if there was any) and just pay the shipping for my new pair. I love them ...they fit great and are light. Really happy with my purchase with them and will do so again in the near future.


    I've gotten a ton of compliments on these frames. It's made a difference and they feel like they have brightened my face. I will say when I first wore them they felt HUGE and I called them my grandpa glasses but they've definitely grown on me and quickly. They also feel light but sturdy. As for buying through eye buy direct...always easy and dare I say enjoyable. Not trying frames on at first can be nerve wracking but I've ordered from here several times and have always been satisfied. Also, super quick processing and delivery and they notify you every step of the way. I'm pleased with my choice.

    Extreamly satisfied customer

    Great product. Low price Excellence service. Ship on time. I would buy again


    Thanks for your service and convenience to buy eyeglasses in this site. Is my first experience with you but is the best way to buy eyeglasses at reasonable price and quality. Its easy to follow instructions and put the order with your prescription. We received eyeglasses in 7 days. Thanks, Luis

    Computer glasses that work…

    I finally ordered a new pair of computer dedicated glasses. I have a current RX on the lenses and don’t have to crane my neck to view my multiple screens through trifocal lenses. I am very pleased with the whole process; ordering, fast shipping, quality of the glasses.

    Great deal. Very Satisfied.

    I ordered one pair that didn't fit quite right, but the return was painless and I received my second choice promptly. No complaints here.

    Great Value!

    I actually purchased a pair of glasses earlier from EyeBuyDirect earlier that didn't work out - but they were under warranty and the folks at EyeBuyDirect were very gracious in allowing me to exchange (and pay a small upgrade) for a new pair that I really love.

    Feel good

    Very light and snug fit. I really like them

    Glasses of Clinton

    I got the Clinton glasses and I sent the wrong prescription. Eyecare customers gave me another for free that is good service what I call. I will give more that five stars for

    New Glaases

    I bought a pair of glasses from eyebuydirect about 2 years ago and they were great but the pair I just bought I am having problem with them because not seeing that clear with them and seems like they have the prescription off some and not that comfortable to wear like the other ones were. their prices are good and was hoping to get a good pair on this last order but didn't. James Nelson

    love them

    love them, got lots of compliments.

    Clinton Frame Polycarbonate Lens

    The lens repeatedly fell out of my frame. It would not snap back in. Eyebuydirect agreed to provide me with a replacement free of charge. I have purchased many glasses from them and this was my first problem. It is nice to know they have your back!

    Buy Your Glasses @ Eye Buy Direct

    My first glasses needed an adjustment. Almost before I could ask they offered to do whatever was needed to make them right. They did so with no trouble on my part. The quality if good, the frames are well made and I am a happy customer. They have great customer service and a good quality product with great value. Better frame choices here than on other sites.

    Excellent value

    Got my husband a new pair of glasses and they are great quality for such an awesome price. They arrived earlier than we expected as well! I love Eye Buy Direct.

    Prescription Eyeglasses

    Very quick service and rapid shipping. The Prescription was flawless. Thanks!!!

    Great glasses, great value

    Got very stylish progressive lens glasses at a very affordable price. Would recommend highly

    Only way to buy eyeglasses

    I have bought progressive multi focal glasses from Eye Buy Direct 4 times. Each time they have been perfect out of the box. I ordered at least 3 pairs for my husband also and he loves them too. About 14 days for order but they keep you posted on the progress. Worth the wait and value. About 1/3 the price from local dealers. Will order again and again

    First Time Customer

    This was the first time that I had purchased glasses online. My wife and I ordered and have received our new glasses. They are great and the price is certainly right!



    Great deal!

    i have ordered several pairs of glasses from EyeBuyDirect and every time they have been correctly made and of excellent quality. I recommend highly.

    Great looking black glasses

    I wanted a pair of black glasses, but didn't want a heavy look. These fit the bill beautifully. Not over powering, but very professionsl looking. You won't be disappointed.

Clinton BLACK
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