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Blue light: Facts, Fiction and Fancy Frames

You may have heard it exists and you may have heard it can be bad for your health but what actually is blue light? Where does it come from? Should I, and can I, avoid it? They’re all great questions that deserve answers so let's get down to it.  Ready? Perfect.

What is blue light?

Blue light, or technically blue-violet light, is a specific wavelength of light from the visible light spectrum. Did anyone just go back to high school science lessons, or was that just me? Because blue light comes from the sun, our bodies and eyes are used to it. Doesn’t sound too problematic, right? It isn't unless, of course, you’re overexposed to it. And these days, most of us are. The biggest offenders for overdoing it with the blue-violet light are our wonderful digital devices. This is mainly because we use them all day, every day. It used to be that our eyes would naturally get a break from blue light when the sun goes down, but these days we’re so digitally connected we only really get a break when we sleep. We’re all guilty of a late night Instagram scroll or that one last episode on Netflix. Your favorite digital pastime needn't be a problem, as long as you can limit its effect on your health.

Like anything, moderation is key. So now you need to know the problems with blue-violet light and the solutions to those problems.

Is blue light actually blue?

Yes, it actually is! Fun fact: visible light comes in the entire spectrum of colors and unsurprisingly, the blue light that this is comprised of is blue. The wavelength of blue light is different to the other colors of visible light. As blue-violet is opposite to orange-yellow on the color spectrum, one way to counteract it is to use orange filters in your eyeglasses. However, we think this kinda ruins the experience of seeing, so at EBD you won’t find any ugly orange filters in your glasses. We’re only thinking of you!

Computer glasses and iphone

Prism eyeglasses in Tortoise with Digital Screen Protection Lenses

What does blue light do to the eyes?

Tired, achy eyes? Squinting? Headaches? Bad sleep? Now ask yourself if you spend most of the day looking at blue-light-emitting digital devices and the answer is probably yes. Because our eyes are pretty much useless at filtering out blue light, it gets right through to the sensors in our eyes and can bring about the symptoms of digital eye strain. Long-term exposure may also be associated with macular degeneration, which is something you definitely don’t want to get involved with. To keep your eyes at their best, limiting the effects of blue light exposure is a winner, so keep on reading to find out more.

Is UV light blue light?

No. Although both are emitted from the sun, blue light is part of the visible spectrum of light whereas UV is not. The names ‘ultraviolet light’ and ‘blue violet’ light don’t help with the confusion but, trust us, they’re different. Both are bad news for your eyes, but they come from different sources. No one should ever recommend looking directly into the sun, which is our main source of UV light exposure. The sun also emits blue light, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Woman wearing blue light blocking glasses

Aura eyeglasses in Celeste 

Is blue light bad for sleep?

It most definitely can be. Our eyes still think it’s daytime when receiving blue light, which doesn’t help our brains wind down after a long day. Remember, your body repairs itself while you sleep, so sleeping really is a big deal. To improve your sleep quality, avoid exposing yourself to digital devices in the evening. You’ll find you will get to sleep more quickly and enjoy a more peaceful, deeper slumber. Your body will thank you, as will your morning coffee-craving self.

How can I protect my eyes from blue violet light?

This is the big question. It’s great knowing what blue light is and how it can affect you but how can you combat its symptoms without drastically cutting down on precious screen time? Funny you should ask. At EyeBuyDirect, we offer Digital Protection Lenses, which filter out the blue violet light emitted from digital screens. It’s as simple as wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Really. Any of our eyeglasses can be turned into Digital Screen Protection Glasses, even with a prescription. Simple select digital protection lenses when you order your glasses and we’ll do the rest. If you already wear glasses it's a no-brainer, and if you don’t, now you have an excuse to wear the perfect pair of frames on your face. You don’t even have to be a hipster! It’s actually a wonder that no one came up with blue light filter glasses sooner. But, hey, they’re here now and we think everyone should have a pair! Check out our Digital Protection Glasses and you’re on your way to stopping pesky blue light into your life. Do not pardon the pun.

Banish those blues,