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Flash Back to School Collection

6 minute read by tom

Everyone loves the 90s. Fact. If only our feelings about going back to school were so undivided! Understandably, most of us get mixed emotions when we think about going back to school. There’s so much to think about –...

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Transradiance Collection

4 minute read by tom

Welcome our latest and greatest, the Transradiance 17 Collection. Translucent + Radiance = Transradiance Our latest collection was inspired by our favorite people—You. In honor of celebrating who you are, we designed this...

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Snapchat Exclusive Star Wars Day Discount

1 minute read by tom

Do you love Star Wars? Do you use Snapchat?  Do you wish people would do more to celebrate the best movie franchise ever in the history of forever? We have a special offer, never-before-seen at EyeBuyDirect which even the smallest...

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Sun It Up 17 Collection

2.5 minute read by tom

Spring is in full swing and there’s no better time of year to invest in your latest and greatest pair of sunglasses. Our Sun It Up 17 Collection is the perfect place to buy prescription sunglasses online and take the hassle out...

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