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Fashion Eyewear Model Q&A

Our New Friend Ben Clark

During our recent Fall Collection photo shoot, we loved working with our newest fashion model, Ben Clark. We sat down with him after the shoot to ask him a little about himself. We loved him so much that we thought you would, too. Read his interview to find out more!

Ben Clark

Name: Ben Clark

Age: 21

Home Country: Canada

Ben loves country music and hockey. He recently did a music video where he played a heart throb who broke the lead singers heart.

 He’s a world traveler! He enjoys traveling Asia, such as Hong Kong and China. His favorite movie is Wolf of Wallstreet, but he also likes a good comedy any day of the week.

He’s more than just a pretty face. Ben is educated in the technology of water filtration systems. He dreams of a future career in New York.

We loved working with Ben in our latest fashion eyewear shoot! We hope you enjoy the new collection.

Ben Clark Computer

Can’t get enough of Ben? Follow him on Twitter or Instagram.
Twitter: @benclark93

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