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Fashion Friday Featuring: Colorful Looks

colorful glasses

Whether your weekend plans include lazy days around the house, a visit to the farmer’s market, an evening on the town, a baby shower, or running errands, we’ve got some fashion inspiration for you. And best of all, each look features awesome EyeBuyDirect glasses!


It feels like the perfect night to be dressed like hipsters 

Featuring EyeBuyDirect’s Rock! Mike glasses

Untitled #13

Featuring EyeBuyDirect’s GD9287 glasses

Serena Nightshade

Featuring EyeBuyDirect’s Philly glasses

Lurking Muse

Featuring EyeBuyDirect’s Norfolk glasses

Broncos Game with Niall

Featuring EyeBuyDirect’s Petushki glasses

Brown & Pink

Featuring EyeBuyDirect’s Tatarsk glasses