See you at the pool?

New glasses, inspired by nostalgia for the past — when simpler pleasures like ice cream trucks, lifeguard crushes, and hanging at the neighbor’s house filled the time between school years.

Domingo $62

Clear Gray

Faubourg $35


Provence $35

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Vacay vibes

Re-capture a bit of childhood magic with light-adjusting lenses. Perfect for carefree, effortless living — picture long summer days spent padding between the kitchen and deck grabbing fresh-squeezed juice, reading on the patio, and dipping your legs in the pool.

Transitions Transitions

Gray Brown Amethyst Purple Sapphire Blue Amber

endless summer
Nobel $32

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Mileva $35

Ivory Tortoise

Cali $35

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Anemone $32

Clear Yellow

Janice $35

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Cassie $32

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Francisco / Haiku

Good times

Looking forward to quality time with great people, appreciating the past, and staying focused on the present — that’s what it’s all about. Raise your glasses to an Endless Summer kinda life.

Francisco $32


Haiku $32


Astral $32