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Lightweight Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Shop EyeBuyDirect With Confidence

We offer a 12-month Product Guarantee and a 14-day Fit & Style guarantee to ensure you can shop with confidence. If you’d like your new eyeglasses to be replaced, repaired or refunded within the first 14 days for any reason, we’ve got you covered with no questions asked.


What Are Considered Lightweight Glasses?

Lightweight glasses come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials, but there are a few that feel like they weigh next to nothing which is great for kids, sports players, and anyone who wants their eyewear to feel like it’s barely there. At EyeBuyDirect, our lightweight glasses are made of plastic, metal, and acetate, titanium,carbon fiber and aluminum alloy for something thin and fresh.

Are Titanium Glasses Lightweight?

You bet! And paradoxically so, considering titanium is the most durable material offered at EyeBuyDirect. Titanium is a metal known to be super strong, which means glasses made from the material are ideal for athletes and children with active lifestyles. The fact that titanium glasses are lightweight and robust means they make for the perfect pair of eyewear for all kinds of prescriptions, but an added strength is how stylish they look beyond their functional purposes. Titanium’s ideal for rimless pairs as it keeps the minimalist frames sturdy, but browse our selection of frames in rectangular, round, geometric, and more styles for a lightweight pair with a strength in style.

Do Lightweight Glasses Break Easily?

No, not by a long shot! Some can, of course, but some of our strongest eyeglass styles are the lightest weight. The best materials for a strong, lightweight pair are titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The lightweight nature of these frames means they’re not only strong, but comfortable and extra stylish, too. If you’re in the market for a lightweight pair, then look no further than what we’ve got..

Does Lens Index Affect the Weight of Glasses?

The short answer’s yes, the higher the lens index, the thinner the lens, which makes it lighter than a standard lens. But you should never choose a lens according to its weight. The lens thickness you receive depends on your prescription and vision correction needs. Thinner lenses are lightweight, more expensive, and naturally more stylish. They accommodate all kinds of vision correction needs, including higher prescriptions. A 1.5 lens index is thicker than a 1.74 lens index, the latter being the thinnest lens we offer at EyeBuyDirect.