Matte Navy Warren -  Fashion Plastic Eyeglasses
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Warren Matte Navy Eyeglasses

FRAME Price: $9

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  • These matte navy eyeglasses are dynamic and confident. This full acetate frame comes in a matte navy finish throughout with oversized rounded square shaped lenses. Monochromatic color and clean lines create a sturdy look that is perfect for those wanting to command attention.

    Other Colors Available:

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

    Frame Size





    14g - Lightweight

    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • I LOVE my new glasses!

    I am so in love with my new glasses from EyeBuyDirect. They are so light and comfortable on my face. Ordering my new glasses was soo easy. And I loved the email notifications after I ordered my glasses, letting me know what stage of production they were in. Once they shipped, they came so fast. I still can't believe my entire order was under $20!! I will definitely be ordering another pair soon.

    Warren Navy

    Cute, lightweight, durable, and easy to wear straight from the box! Love them!

    Claire Espanola

    I love it

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE EyeBuyDirect!

    I had to get my first pair of glasses this year, when my vision started to go bad from extended computer use. I knew for a fact that I was not going to buy my glasses at my doctor's office, so I spent a week researching online vendors, and I finally stumbled on this website.. I read all the great reviews, and decided to give it a try. I ordered my glasses, and throughout the order I contacted Customer Service for different questions and confirmation MULTIPLE times, and EVERY SINGLE TIME they were so helpful, patient, and understanding. The Customer Service is amazing. As soon as I received my glasses, I WAS IN LOVE! The first day I wore them I received endless compliments. I have referred all of my co-workers, and my church family to this website, and that's probably where the high demand is coming from. Haha! I only wished that the order to delivery time was much shorter, but I still love this website. I will not look anywhere else for my glasses. Thank you!

    Great service and great value

    My experience with Eyebuy was great. The price is wonderful and the value is good. Will be buying all of my prescription glasses from Eyebuy from now on.


    Geeat service and follow up. Glasses were exactly as promised. I will buy here again.

    Decent Quality, Great Value!

    I've purchased several pairs of glasses over the years with EYE BUY DIRECT. Each pair has stood the test of time, outlasting my prescription, rather than breaking or deteriorating. That is why I keep on coming back.... You might find cheaper glasses but you won't find a better value!!!

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    Fantastic company

    lifesaver I'm on a fixed income and the only way I could afford to get new glasses (mine broke) was eyebyedirect I was skeptical at such low prices. I am very pleased with my new glasses.

    Excellent and prompt service. Very

    Excellent and prompt service. Very satisfactory product.


    Had I known of this site, earlier, I would have ordered here a long time ago. Great service, great, sturdy and stylish glasses. Would recommend to a friend and would definitely return.


    Great quality, great price, very customizable.

    great eyeglasses

    The glasses look exactly like the picture. Fits perfectly and came in a really smart packaging. Also it came in a timely manner and I love that I get updates on the status of the eyeglasses.

    Great quality glasses. Fast shipping.

    Great quality glasses. Fast shipping. Love the updates

    Customer Service is #1

    The Customer Service from EyeBuyDirect is among the best I have ever experienced. They addressed a small issue I had with my eyeglasses by replacing the glasses at no charge and in a very timely manner. I have given EyeBuyDirect a very high recommendation to my friends and coworkers.


    These frames are so cool. They are a very dark navy with a matt finish. The color is great. The bifocals had all the bells and whistles and cost $118.00. I also got 3 pairs of reading glasses for $9.00 each. I got a 10% coupon and free shipping all for under $140. What a bargain. I just had my eye exam and the frame cost with add-ons would have been over $600.00 even with their cheapest frame. When the doctor asked if I would like to see some frames I just said, "not today but can I have a prescription". I get such a kick out of looking at the selection and measuring according to the descriptions that you provide. They always just as well as in the doctor's office. I am pleased with everything.

    Awesome service, great glasses.

    I had to exchange a broken pair of prescription sunglasses. I put together my new order and put it in my shopping cart. The excellent customer service rep was able to look my order up and fill it. There was an extra charge because I decided to try a different frame and different lens options. The mirrored sunglass lenses are excellent. I have been enjoying them very much. So far all of the solid plastic frames my wife and I have had, have been excellent (5 in total over the last 3 years). The thin/super thin lenses have also be great. The first pair of sunglasses I purchased were initially excellent, but ended up being fragile at the ear. There was a separate rubber covered metal piece that went over the ear and into the plastic side part. The frames appeared to be geared towards jogging/sports, but were way to flimsy in the end. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I ended up with exactly what I wanted.

    Awesome glasses

    These glasses look fab on me, just a little tight around my temples, but I hardly notice it once I've been wearing them for awhile. These were advertised as Medium and fit like a M/S.

    Awesome Glasses

    I love, love these awesome frames. I have a large face and these frames do not get lost when I am wearing them. Just ordered a pair of sunglasses. Can't wait to receive them.


    I love everything I've purchased from Eye Buy Direct! My latest purchase was my first pair of prescription sunglasses and I am so happy!



    Good inexpensive pair

    This is my 2nd pair that I have purchased and I'm pretty happy with them. They are quite large, but if you're going for that look then they are perfect. I really like the matte navy blue color. They are a little more flimsy feeling then I had expected. Every time I go to clean the lenses I feel like they are going to pop out. They haven't yet, they just feel like they could. They are a good backup pair.

    Great way to buy the eyeglass style your teen wants, that changes daily!

    It's easy to get the prescription and lenses, the frames are always another story.


    Amazing Frames/Lenses and Customer Service

    I found this website on a whim and was amazed to see how cheap they offered frames and lenses, especially because I was originally looking at Warby Parker for frames (which starts at $95). I was a little annoyed that the lenses weren't actually free ($6.75 for the basic lens finishes, but you have the option to customize and choose the free options), but I needed the anti-glare finish anyway and it was still going to be cheaper for two pairs of glasses with the lens finish than one pair at WP. I was also super happy at the extra scratch-off discount I got, making the overall costs for two frames for half the cost of one WP frame! The quality of the frames when I got them were amazing and much better than the designer frames/lenses I got four years before. I also really appreciated them including a hard case and lens wipe. Will buy from y'all again!


    I love my new prescription sun glasses and all the other glasses I have purchased. I'm a happy camper!!

    Very good customer service

    i wanted to replace my frames and they responded right away

    Great feel and look and the prescription is so bold. I can see out of these so good. Thanks so much.

    Bold Big and just right for my face.

    Good buy

    Good buy for the price

    Exactly as advertised

    I was very pleasantly surprised when I received my glasses this morning. I knew I was taking a huge chance ordering online but given the price I thought it was the risk. The glasses are exactly as pictured and much lighter than I thought they would be considering how thick my prescription is. I ordered two pairs in this style the black for my every day glasses and the brown with tinting to where as sunglasses. The prescription in both was perfect. Are they as well made as a pair of glasses you get from LensCrafters? No they are no but at 10% of the price I didn't expect them to be. I am very happy with this purchase.

    My Eyeglass Addiction...

    Is met every 6 months thanks to this site. Fast and easy online order process. And fast arrival of shipment. I love my new frames and wish there were more colors available!


    So comfortable and very cute!!!

    perfect fit!

    like always! the best site to get eyeglasses. quality, fast shipping. Im very pleased with all my purchases

    Love my glasses

    I recently broke my pair of boulevard glasses and was devastated when i found out they didn't sell them anymore... Then I found these glasses and they are perfect.. Light weight, matte,and the fit is great.. I couldn't be happier! (maybe a little happier if they had boulevard.)


    I love the glasses y buy!!! i have 3 pairs! and i love them!

Warren BLACK
Warren BROWN
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