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These frames are as funky as it gets! Their ultra chic full-rimmed round design is in style this season, thanks to their larger than life size. Anyone who wears these is sure to stand out In these fabulous frames, suitable for both women and men. Snap them up in deep, deep purple.

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Lens Types Available for This Frame

  • Single Vision LensesIncluded
  • Bifocal Lenses$29
  • Free-Form Progressive Lenses$49
  • Non-Prescription Included

Frame Details

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 22g
  • All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • Material: Plastic

This frame is rated 4.9 based on 52 reviews

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  • Excellent

    on December 04, 2016 Color: Cordovan; Size: L

    It's been 6 years since I first use Eyebuydirect and it's been nothing but a wonderful experience.

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  • customized Myrtle frames

    on December 01, 2016 Color: Cordovan; Size: L

    I'm rockin Myrtle frames! My lenses are tinted dark. They are almost look like stylish sunglasses with the tint. I like how Myrtle frames are large and fill my face. I like their square shape.

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  • great for the price!

    on November 27, 2016 Color: Cordovan; Size: L

    they came super fast! I was a little bit dizzy in the beginning for a couple days (not sure if it was the glasses or just me) but after that I was fine and I love the glasses :)

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  • Love, Love, Love, Love!!!!

    on June 28, 2016 Color: Cordovan; Size: L

    My fourth pair of eyeglasses from eyebuydirect. I love ALL FOUR!!! Two sunglasses, two regular..And still have my eyes on several more! :D

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  • Superb customer service

    on May 22, 2016 Color: Cordovan; Size: L

    Unfortunately, I didn’t end up liking the glasses so I opted to return them for a refund. I have to commend the EyeBuyDirect customer service team on their great customer service. They were friendly, professional, and quick to respond throughout the entire process—from ordering and production updates, to my returning of the product. That reason alone makes me wish the glasses had worked out out even more. Good customer service is hard to find. I would (and have) recommend EBD to others. My only caution would be to keep in mind that the models are models wearing non-prescription lenses, which in my experience create unrealistic expectations...unless you have very weak prescription (mine is -3.75, and I ordered high-index “super thin”).

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Cordovan Myrtle -  Lightweight Plastic Eyeglasses

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