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Selecting our eyewear style and requirement

frames from eyebuydirect

Eyeglasses have become so versatile, gone are the days when eyeglasses were solely utilized to help us see the world that little bit straighter. Eyeglasses have evolved to become something more than the conventional binocular look of the 1970s and become a vital fabric of a user’s DNA. In this 21st century era of style essential panache, eyeglasses play an integral part in helping people shape their views of eyeglass wearers by what look they are sporting as they can serve to make wearers look professional, intelligent, fashionistic or just plain wacky for example.

Of course finding the right eyewear that we wish to portray our image with can nearly be as difficult as carrying off the look we desire. The growth of eyeglasses has led to an open market full of designers and frames that would leave first time users to eyeglasses a little blind, excuse the pun in finding a suitable pair of eyewear.

What is apparent for first time users is that we want to wear eyeglasses which fit well, compliment our facial features and serve a purpose but with so many differing frames out there, we can easily lose sight of what we are trying to achieve with eyeglasses. For instance, if we are trying to look fashionable, how do we know whether Rimless, Flexlite, Metal, Plastic, Titanium frames are going to help us achieve our look.

It’s important that we do essential research into the difference in frames there are available and so we have listed quick intros into just some of the frames that EyeBuyDirect sell. Once your finished reading, come over to eyebuydirect,com and you can virtually try on the frames via our Eyetry feature. You can upload a picture of yourself or select the default pictures that are available and try several frames on to get the style you desire. Once you have made your purchase, before long your friends will be admiring your new look and commenting, you look like you have been wearing them for years….


Titanium glasses are the amalgamation of 21st century eyewear. Lightweight and fashionably stylish, Titanium glasses are made with attention to detail in mind to give the user 100% confidence and satisfaction in durability and look. Choose EyeBuyDirect for your Titanium Prescription eyeglasses needs with frames starting at $6.95

Fashion Glasses

Rejuvenating the design and style of eyeglasses, EyeBuyDirect’s Fashion frames can make you look you’re presentable and fashionistic best. Sleek and elegant, our glasses can refresh your look for as little as $6.95. Choose EyeBuyDirect for your Fashion Prescription eyeglasses needs with frames starting at $6.95.

Metal Glasses

For sustainable excellence, look no further than our range of Metal Glasses. Our Metal glasses are modern but retain conservative values. Metal Glasses are durable and come in a range of materials. Choose EyeBuyDirect for your Metal Prescription eyeglasses needs with frames starting at $6.95.

Rimless Eyeglasses

Effortlessly styled to complement your facial features, Rimless eyeglasses combine function and fashion to deliver delicate discreet frames. Choose EyeBuyDirect for your Rimless Prescription eyeglasses needs with frames starting at $6.95.

Classic Glasses

Professional, timeless, vintage, all characteristics we would use to describe our range of Classic glasses. Classic frames are the antidote for original eyewear to deliver value and performance for every day use. Choose EyeBuyDirect for your Classic Prescription eyeglasses needs with frames starting at $6.95.

Flexlite Glasses

Flexlite Glass frames are the lightest frames ever made and lead the way in comfort and fashion durability. Stylish and trendy, Flexlite frames have rejuvenated the way eyeglasses are made. Choose EyeBuyDirect for your Flexlite Prescription eyeglasses needs with frames starting at $6.95.

Plastic Glasses

Show your true colors with EyeBuyDirect’s range of Plastic glasses. Whether you want to accessorize your personality or show your support for your favorite football team, our choice of refreshing frame colors will leave you looking your alluring best. Choose EyeBuyDirect for your Plastic Prescription eyeglasses needs with frames starting at $6.