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    What Does Retro Mean and Why Are Retro Eyeglasses So Popular?

    “Retro” as a descriptive term became popular in the 1960s to indicate new objects created using motifs, materials, and/or techniques of the past. In the latter 20th century, retro fashions seek to encapsulate any style, whether popular or unpopular, produced since the early 1900s. Retro even pertains to past attitudes or beliefs suggesting an ironic longing for something that seems lacking in the present.

    When it comes to the retro eyeglasses we offer at EyeBuyDirect, we believe the many different kinds of retro frames will be sure to satisfy your desire to capture a specific look from the past and evoke a nostalgic statement unique to your personality.

    Plastic or Metal Retro Frames? Which Is More Retro?

    If you’re going for a really retro look—we’re talking Benjamin Franklin retro!—you might consider durable, lightweight metal frames. Today’s metal eyeglass frames are resistant to corrosion, hypoallergenic, and available in a variety of metallic hues. Titanium frames are the best kind of metal frames. Also, metal retro frames don’t just come in round shapes — you can get them in semi-round, square, and oval shapes.

    For non-metal frame fans, we have a wide selection of plastic retro frames to indulge your creative, inner retro soul. From tortoiseshell to solid colors to dramatic black, our plastic retro frames will remind you of 40s Hollywood glamour, 50s beatnik styles, and 60s pop art. Choose from zylonite, blended nylon, and traditional nylon when selecting your plastic retro eyeglass frames.

    Get Prism Correction With Your Retro Frame Glasses Order

    You can still flaunt the retro look if you need convergence or positional correction included in your lens prescription, as long as you have normal or near-normal vision regarding farsightedness or nearsightedness.

    Prism lenses help your eyes focus together if one or both of your eyes tend to drift. If you would like prism correction, simply select “add prism” when ordering your retro eyeglass frames. EyeBuyDirect’s industry standard lenses are manufactured using lightweight polycarbonate plastic and CR39. Our lenses are available in six refractory indexes to accommodate multiple vision issues.

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