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Silver Eyeglass Frames for Men and Women

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The Popularity of Silver Eyeglasses

Silver eyeglasses (and other types of metal frames) are one of the most versatile options in eyewear fashion. Why? Because they match nearly everything, of course! You could be wearing a purple business suit or an orange jumper — silver eyeglasses are guaranteed to match perfectly.

Now, silver eyeglasses can be seen on the noses of nearly every subculture out there. They’re embraced by fashionistas and nerds alike for their old-school charm and swagger.

Silver Eyeglass Frames for Men

Today, silver eyeglass frames for men are redefining masculine eyewear by leaps and bounds. After all, why should guys limit themselves the standard faire tortoiseshell or black frames?

Now more than ever, these sleek frames are being worn in Hollywood blockbuster movies and geek chic enthusiasts across the country. Want to learn how to pick your very own pair of silver eyeglasses? Read on for some quick tips on bringing your retro spirit to life:

  • • When shopping for eyeglasses, finding out which shapes suit your particular facial features is a must. Whether you’re looking for some expert eyewear help or just looking for some inspiration, don’t forget to check out our Tips and Guides page to learn more.
  • • Aviator eyeglasses are in. While their sunglasses equivalent might bring out your cool-guy aura, aviator eyeglasses align more on the “soulful” side of things. If you’re looking for a way to express your inner jive, then a stylish pair of aviator eyeglasses is your very best bet.

Silver Eyeglass Frames for Women

Silver eyeglass frames for women cover a wide breadth of styles and shapes. Going for an urban coffee shop aesthetic? Try any of our sleek oval-lensed silver eyeglasses. Want to embody some old-school style? Rimless eyeglasses with silver temple arms are the answer you seek.

To bring your silver eyeglasses look to the next level, we suggest coordinating your accessories together. While eyeglasses made out of colored acetate work well when coordinated with clothing items, metal frames like these silver eyeglasses pick up the color in your accessories instead. If you’re wearing silver eyeglass frames, consider wearing jewelry of the same color metal.