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Our Sunglass Frames

Our frames take shape on our drawing board. Vintage sunglass styles, like aviator shades, inspire even our sketches that have a more modern, fashion-forward twist. We also look for inspiration in our daily lives, whether we’re sitting in a café or drawing in the park.

Every line, curve and shape is drawn with the intention of creating a pair of sunglass frames that emphasizes your style and personality.

Samples are the next chapter in your frame’s story. Once we’ve designed our fashion-forward frame, we create several samples. And, of course, we try them on! We also try out different materials, like wood-textured, acetate, and metal.

It’s a process of form meeting function. As we fine-tune your sunglasses frames, we make sure they’re as durable as they are comfortable.

Design and Manufacture

It’s your frame’s distinct features that make them yours. The color, accents, and even the hinges and nose pads add to their character and emphasize your personality and unique flair. Our design team chooses from colors ranging from boisterous brights to demure darks, even intermixing them with a tortoiseshell pattern to capture your style. The extra features, like glare-blocking polarized lenses, are the practical icing on the proverbial cake.

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