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A note to our customers

A note to our customers

As a company, we took time to have conversations internally about the events of the last month and on the effects of racial injustice and inequality. We also looked at our own internal policies and actions around diversity, inclusivity and equality. While there were instances that showed progress, we found areas where we were falling short in living up to our values. 

We know we can do better. 

We’re taking the following steps to show our commitment to making structural change and becoming an organization that truly represents our community:

  • All of our employees with be required to take anti-discrimination and diversity training. For hiring managers, recruiters and customer and vendor-facing teams, there will be additional training focused on understanding and identifying unconscious bias.
  • The company will distribute educational resources to all employees to learn about the history and effects of racism and discrimation in the U.S. We’ll then meet for virtual sessions to discuss the materials and topics in an open, supportive way.
  • We’re committed to raising the visibility of BIPOC models and creators by at least 30% and featuring them more consistently in our campaigns and content across our website and social media.
  • Every year we’ll focus at least 50% of our partnerships on BIPOC, BIPOC-owned brands/businesses, and non-profits that serve BIPOC communities.
  • We’re establishing a task force with representatives from various departments to make sure these actions are taken and the company continues to improve.

Pie charts showing the gender identification and race+ethnicity demographic data of Eyebuydirect's US office

The work doesn’t stop here. We’ll continue to explore ways we can build an organization that supports the well-being of our BIPOC employees and celebrates the experiences and perspectives of our diverse community. 

Thank you for reading.