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Try the EBD Best Friend’s Quiz!

Try the EBD Best Friend’s Quiz!

Sometimes we don’t know how meaningful our friendships are until we take a step back. Today is the day to celebrate your friendship – Happy Best Friend’s Day!

NOW is the moment of truth. Take this quiz to find out what kind of best friend are you? Add up the points and you will get the results at the end!

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Cupertino in Black, and Concept in Macchiato Tortoise


1) Do you know when your BFF’s birthday is?


  • Facebook tells me. (2 points)
  • Yes, of course! Birthday, sun sign and astrology sign. (3 points)
  • Sometime this year… (1 point)


2) When you are far away from your BFF how often are you in touch?


  • Everyday, multiple times a day. (3 points)
  • Once a week. (2 points)
  • Oh wait, when was the last time? (1 point)


3) The love of your life just broke up with you, shattering your heart into a million pieces. Who do you call?


  • Your best friend of course! (3 points)
  • Your Mom – she knows. (2 points)
  • The person who just broke up with you so you can beg them to take you back. (1 point)


4) You just won two plane tickets plus hotel accommodations to Vegas for the weekend. Who do you go with?


  • BESTIE!!!  (3 points)
  • Your friend who has all the connections to all of the hottest clubs and can get you great tickets to the shows. (2 points)
  • Go by yourself. Twice. (1 point)


5) It is your best friend’s birthday and you want to buy them a great pair of eyeglasses. What kind do you get them?


  • Affordable frames like Robbie ($6). (1 point)
  • Stylish and affordable like St Michel ($32). (2 points)
  • RFKLT high-quality and stylish like Prism ($65). (3 points)




11-15 points – Best Friend Ever

6-10 points – O.K Best Friend

1-5 points – Worst Best Friend Ever

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Featured Frames
St Michel
St Michel $28
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