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The Case for Modern Eyewear

To many, the fashion world can be a complex thing. Trends are hard to pin-down and follow, and as soon as one fad becomes popular it can die out just as fast. Well, the case for modern eyewear is different. When it comes to selecting a pair of sophisticated glasses only two things ever matter: smart design and high-quality craftsmanship.

The true quality of modern eyewear is rooted purely in design.

Like any other type of fashion designer, eyewear artisans draw inspiration from the world around themselves. To design our line of modern eyewear line, RFLKT, EyeBuyDirect looks towards the unique flair of contemporary buildings and urban architecture. This allows us to design frames that feature strong, sleek lines.

modern eyewear- glasses- girl -blueshirt

Outline, in Black Steel

An exceptional pair of glasses can stand the test of time if it is crafted expertly. The first step? Selecting the right materials. Now more than ever, modern eyewear prioritizes durability and function.  A base of premium acetate is key if you want a sturdy frame that can survive multiple bends and accidental drops.

It doesn’t end there.

After all, modern eyewear is meant to be just as versatile as it is durable. This is where lens coatings come in. Whether it be for reading, outdoor use, or for digital screen protection, a special lens coating exists for that specific use. Modern eyewear doesn’t stop at just style. We even offer a type of coating that automatically tints and lightens your lenses depending on how much light exposure is in the room.

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Symmetry, in Tortoise

When you select a new pair of glasses, you’re making an incredibly important fashion choice. While vintage eyewear might hinder clothing combinations and possibilities, modern eyewear provides guaranteed versatility.  Our RFLKT eyewear line offers you cutting-edge style options that don’t limit functionality.

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