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Finding Eyeglass Frames for Women Over 50

As your looks mature, it’s normal to feel like you have to make style choices that are more… “appropriate” for your age. Well, we think that’s all a bunch of nonsense. Fashion should be about having fun, right? Above everything, the joy of fashion comes from updating and remixing your look when the time call for it. All it takes to refresh your style is a little bit of fashion guidance. Finding the perfect pair is easier than you think, and picking a pair of fun and youthful frames shave years off of your age! If you’re interested, read on: Here are some spicy tips on finding stunning eyeglass frames for women over 50.

eyeglass frames for women over 50 - cat eye glasses- red glasses

Tip 1: Consider Your Colors

When you’re choosing eyeglass frames for women over 50, color selection is key. The search for the perfect pair begins with a little bit of self-reflection on what you like to wear and what brings out your most attractive qualities. Your choice of color can help accentuate the hue of your hair and make you look years younger!

Tip 2: Black is the new Young

When it comes to looking sleek and stylish, black can’t be beat. No matter what kind of style you get them in a dark-as-night pair can make your whole ensemble look fashion forward. The subtle way they compliment your facial features is what makes this classic color so sophisticated.

Tip 3: Clear Frames Are the Best Eyeglass Frames for Women Over 50

If you’re not afraid to take on one of the newer trends out there, transparent frames might be another perfect choice for you. This new-generation trend can completely update your style. They go with almost any outfit. If you happen to be the type that’s slightly embarrassed about wearing glasses, clear frames can draw attention away from that fact by being completely colorless.

eyeglass frames for women over 50 - rose - lipstickPrimrose, in Clear

Tip 4: Don’t Get the Blues:

Colors like blue or gray are generally considered “colder” than other colors. Their subdued hues can run the risk of making you look less fun and youthful than you are. If your goal is to cut years off of your age, it’s best to try frames that are more bright, passionate, and expressful! This is why eyeglass frames for women over 50 tend to feature elegant tortoiseshell patterns or matte red colors. Stay warm and fired up!

Tip 5: Get Sassy with Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Eye Glasses are one of the most popular styles for eyeglass frames for women over 50. There’s something special about their upswept outer edges on that never fails to turn heads and catch people’s’ attention. The catch? To really make a pair of cat eye glasses shine, it’s best to hold back on your accessories. This particular style is a huge statement making piece, so a unchecked amount of jewelry or necklaces can make your ensemble look cluttered.

Eyeglass frames for women over 50 aren’t hard to find. To find the perfect pair, all you need to know is where to look. We hope that these quick tips can help you find a pair that you can feel confident and powerful in. After all — Just because you’ve grown older doesn’t mean you can’t live big!

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