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How to Style Your Hair with Glasses

How to Style Your Hair with Glasses

How to style your hair with glasses is an important skill.You may change your outfit every day, but your hair and glasses will often be fairly consistent. There are many different styles you can play around with, or you can go au naturel. After all, natural hair and glasses go hand in hand.

When it comes to how to style your hair with glasses, the possibilities are endless. This is why we are here to get you started with some simple steps and guidance. These styles are, in our opinion, easy to achieve but are also amongst the most eye catching.

how to style your hair with glasses

Outline, in Black

Tying up loose ends

Before getting into the nitty gritty, here are some initial pointers on how to style your hair with glasses:  

  1. Bring balance to your face – your hairdo, face and head should all be in balance with your glasses, without any one thing becoming too overpowering.
  2. Do not cover your face with glasses and hair – let your beauty shine!
  3. Be mindful of which frames suit your hair color. Generally speaking, dark hair goes well with metal and dark frames, whereas blonder hair goes with light or transparent frames. Choose frames that complement your hair color. Red tones go with any color frames except yellow and white.  
  4. Short hairstyles for men and women are sleek and show off glasses the best.

Bang Bang

Bangs with natural hair and glasses are a risky option, but with great risk comes great reward. A good fringe can frame your face and accentuate the subtleties in your glasses. A blunt bang and wide frame combo can be a particularly killer combo. However, be sure not to let your bangs fall too low, and remember that having bangs can change the shape of your face. For example, pulled back hair with thick bangs will shorten the face.


The classic high bun is a favorite for many women. It has all the hallmarks of a sophisticated look, naturally drawing eyes to look higher up and above all, makes you look taller! Maintaining the style is effortless, no straighteners needed and it is a great healthy option for your hair. If you’re feeling extra nonchalant, try a messy bun with a long grey sweatshirt for that cutesy casual coffee shop look. On the other hand, a sleek high bun speaks intelligence and wit. If you mix bangs with bun, you can draw focus entirely on your eyes and a colorful lip will certainly amplify that.


A staple when considering how to style your hair with glasses. Low or high, it works with all glasses and face shapes. Period.

Center-part and straight hair

There’s something very understated about someone who rocks a center parting with straight hair. It’s simple, sleek, and avoids fuss. But it is simultaneously elegant. Everything just looks complete, as though life is all in hand. A center part is especially fashionable for those wearing rectangular shaped glasses.

Now that you’re all set, why not figure out which glasses suits your unique hair style? Choose from 1000+ eyewear styles here, and find your perfect pair.


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