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How to Use Afterpay: The Easiest Way to Pay for Eyewear

How to Use Afterpay: The Easiest Way to Pay for Eyewear


It’s always good to have a plan — and if it’s a plan to pay for your glasses with interest-free installments, then even better!

Afterpay is a new way to pay at eyebuydirect. It offers the freedom of shopping for all the eyewear your heart desires, without having to pay upfront.

That means you can shop the latest collections, enjoy our regular deals, and get what you need right now, with the convenience of paying later! The best thing about it? Afterpay installments are always interest-free (with no fees when you pay on time)!


Afterpay how it works infographic


So, how does it work? Just follow these simple steps on how to use Afterpay, and new glasses will be yours in a flash:


  • Pick a frame, follow the prompts for lenses, then add to cart
  • Select Afterpay as the payment method at checkout
  • Create an Afterpay account or sign in if you already have one
  • Pay across four easy installments, always interest-free with no fees when you pay on time!


Once you’ve made your purchase with Afterpay, your eyewear will be shipped like any other order. You can log into your Afterpay account to check the amount of your next payment and when it’s due. The full amount will be payable within a six-week period after your initial down payment, and you’ll receive reminders throughout so you can meet the deadlines.

Afterpay is ready to use for all your prescription and non-prescription eyewear needs, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Keep an eye out for the Afterpay logo across the site and get ready to see your glasses payments go further.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ below, which covers all you need to know about shopping with Afterpay at eyebuydirect. For more information and further help, email — we’re always happy to help!


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How do I use Afterpay for the first time?

Learning how to use Afterpay for the first time is easy — just find a frame you like, select lenses, and add to cart. At checkout, choose Afterpay as the payment method, and create an account or sign in if you already have one. Once you’ve signed in, follow the prompts and spread the payment across four installments, always interest-free!


How do I pay with Afterpay?

Simply shop the eyewear you love and add to cart as you normally would. At checkout, choose the option to pay in installments with Afterpay and spread the cost, always interest-free! You can use a debit or credit card, pay through the Afterpay app, or set up automatic payments so you never miss a due date and avoid possible late fees.


How do I use Checkout Afterpay?

Select Afterpay as the payment method at checkout, sign in, and complete payment. If you’re new to the service, create an account, sign in and follow the steps to complete your purchase. With no long applications or complicated terms and conditions to read through, you’ll be good to go in no time. All you need is your email, phone number, address, DOB, and debit/credit card handy. Please note that all items in your cart must be eligible for installments with Afterpay. A minimum purchase amount may apply and you must meet additional eligibility requirements to qualify.


How do I get approved for Afterpay?

You don’t need to register for Afterpay before making your first purchase with the service. Just select Afterpay at checkout and follow the prompts to provide payment details. Once the order is approved, your Afterpay account has been created. You’ll be able to make more purchases after that by heading to or downloading the app and setting up a password. When you make future purchases using the service you can use your login details upon checkout.


Does Afterpay take the first payment straight away?

When shopping with Afterpay, you’ll be required to make the first installment of your payment right away, with the remaining three payments due every two weeks after that. If you want to pay more before your next installment due date you can do so by logging into your Afterpay account.


Do you need a deposit for Afterpay?

No, simply head to checkout as you normally would and select Afterpay as the payment method. One of the best things about Afterpay is that the installments you pay for your eyewear are always interest-free and are paid back over six weeks. As long as you pay on time, no fees will be applied to your account.


Are Afterpay payments automatic?

They can be, and this is the most convenient way to pay. Afterpay has an automatic payment plan to help you stick to your payment due dates. Your next installment will be taken from the original card used when you placed your order. You’ll still receive reminders before an installment is due so you can make sure there’s enough in your account to cover the cost, then Afterpay does the rest.


How do I know my Afterpay limit?

The longer you’ve been using Afterpay, the more your spending limit will be. If you’re a new customer, our advice is to start making payments on time and continue over a long period of time to increase your limit. You can find out your available spend limit by logging into your Afterpay account.


How many times can you use Afterpay?

To begin with, you’ll be allowed to make one order within the first 24 hours of creating your Afterpay account. From then on, how you use your account and commit to the community will affect your future allowance. Attempting to make multiple purchases straight away will lead to your orders being declined but using the service responsibly from the off will see the number of orders you can make increase.


Where can I find out more about how to use Afterpay?

If you’d like to know more about Afterpay, visit the Afterpay website for a comprehensive list of FAQs, terms, installment agreement as well as Afterpay’s privacy policy, which can be found here. If you still have questions about your Afterpay account, you can contact Afterpay directly via this web form.