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Reading Glasses for Computer Use

If the term reading glasses for computer use sounds a bit confusing, then you’re not alone. It’s a phrase that’s chock-full of several different terms and is more than likely referring to one several of different types of eyewear. While both reading glasses and computer glasses are used to correct vision in order to make reading text at closer distances easier, they are not the same. The main difference is the distances they help us see. To help get a better understanding, let’s break things down a bit and answer some common questions.

What are reading glasses?

If you have trouble focusing on text up close, there’s a chance you might need reading glasses. Reading glasses help us to focus on things, like books and newspapers, that are less than 18 inches away from our eyes. This distance is considered to be near. Common signs that you might need reading glasses include holding things further away to read or closing one eye to help focus on small text.

Are reading glasses good for computer use?

Reading glasses work best for distances less than 18 inches. Since the optimal distance for computer screens is 20 to 26 inches, normal reading glasses may not be the best for regular computer use. Reading glasses for computer use are also known as computer glasses.

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Aura, in Translucent

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses help to see things in mid or intermediate vision zones, which is around 18 to 50 inches. The term computer glasses is used since computers is one of the most common (and important) things we’d be interacting with at this distance. Since a lot of computer use is composed of reading, many people may refer to them as reading glasses or reading glasses for the computer.

Why do I need computer glasses?

Not everyone needs reading glasses for computer use. But if you experience eye strain, blurred vision, tired eyes, or difficulty focusing on the screen, then chances are you may need computer glasses. These symptoms are typically caused by age-related changes to your eyes (presbyopia) or digital eyes strain (discomfort caused by long use of digital screens). So unless you enjoy headaches and having trouble doing your work, make sure to talk to your eye doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

What are combination reading and computer glasses?

If you want a pair of glasses that are a combination of both reading and computer glasses, then you will most likely want glasses with progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are divided up into three sections, combining near (reading), mid (computer), and far sight distances into one lens.

Can computer glasses block blue light?

For those of you who are concerned about the effects of blue light from digital screens, reading glasses for computer use with blue light blocking lenses are an option. If you want a pair that’s only for computer use, select the Intermediate distance when entering your prescription, then choose EBD Blue lenses from our Digital Screen Protection. For those of you who’d like your distance glasses and computer glasses in a single pair, you might like the all in one SightRelax lenses. SightRelax lenses offer a premium blue light filter with a specially designed lens magnification that makes reading digital screens easier and eliminates your need for multiple pairs of glasses.

So there you have it. When deciding on which type of frame is best for computer glasses, it’s really up to your personal preferences. Computer glasses with taller lenses offer a wider range of vision, whereas shorter lenses let you do that whole glasses on the tip of your nose and look over the top of the frame thing. You can check out our face shape guide to figure out which frame style works best with your face or dive right in and shop from our most popular frames. Happy hunting!

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