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Plastic, who?

Plastic, who?

Made in part with bioplastic — a biodegradable material created from a renewable source.

Earth-friendly features Bloom

Earth-friendly features

Our eco-conscious eyewear is made from biodegradable materials, so you can recycle your frames without thinking twice — but with a look so stylish, it’s not like you’d want to!

Eco Eyes

Eco Eyes

Embrace our new earth-friendly looks made from wood and biodegradable acetate.

Envision a greener future, from behind a set of bio-based specs.

The New Natural

The New Natural

Glasses made from eco-friendly materials, for the earth.

Conscious Combination Bloom

Conscious Combination

Get the best of both biodegradable worlds with a mixed material pair — featuring striking wood and renewable acetate.

Sustainable style

Sustainable Style

Make a sustainable statement with wood frames, for a finishing touch to feel good about.