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See and Be Seen

Four unique styles. One unapologetic color. And the stories of LGBTQ members who have come out.

The day I came out was
“The day I’d never stop saying it. It’s the day your pride begins to grow.”
I like that this collection is bold, expressive, and exactly what you want to wear to be SEEN.


Since coming out, my life has gotten
“More abundant with acceptance.”
I adore the signature Trevor signature orange coloring because it’s different and comforting. If I see someone else in the frames, I know they’re part of something amazing too.


The Trevor Project

We’re donating 100% of frame sales (up to $30,000) to support The Trevor Project, the world’s largest organization focused on preventing LGBTQ youth suicide through counseling, resources, and education.

The day I came out was
“Liberating. Once you allow yourself to be fully who you are, your life will get better, brighter, and more beautiful.”
I love the frames in this collection because they’re stylish and simple. They go with any outfit, and the fit is perfect.


Since coming out, my life has gotten
“Real. I am finally getting to live my genuine life, instead of an expected fake one for others.”
I like that these frames have flare and make a statement. The shapes are so flattering.