• Gender
  • Size
    Extra Small
    Total Width
    110mm - 150mm
    Lens Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Lens Height
    120mm - 150mm
    Bridge Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Arm Width
    120mm - 150mm
  • Shape
  • Rim
  • Material
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    Different Shades of Clear Frame Sunglasses

    Clear frame sunglasses include semi-transparent versions of nearly every shade. Clear blue, clear yellow, and even champagne are amongst some of our most popular color combinations. Looking for a more mysterious vibe? Floral clear frame sunglasses are your best friend. Want a more upbeat and cheerful look? Consider a classy champagne frame to brighten up your day. If you factor in all the different ways you can customize your lenses to how you see fit, the color possibilities with clear frame sunglasses are almost endless!

    Clear Frame Sunglasses for Men

    Clear frame sunglasses for men offer a cutting edge look. Transparent navy frames are some of our most popular styles, and can bring a unique element to any outdoors outfit. Pair it with a set of reflective mirror lenses and you’ve got yourself a fashion statement that’s both wild and full of personality — perfect for any outdoorsman. Want to get a little funkier? Try our selection of purple clear frame sunglasses for men. These round-lensed pieces are a favorite of the artistic crowd, but work just as fine for casual activities.

    Clear Frame Sunglasses for Women

    Clear frame sunglasses for women are quickly becoming THE go-to fashion statement. Wearing lighter shades of clothing such as white or light gray with your clear sunglasses can inspire an almost futuristic look in your outfit. Want to make a big statement? Extra large clear frame sunglasses for women are in style. Don’t miss out on this hot trend!

    Clear Frame Sunglasses for Every Occasion

    Making sure that you have the best UV protection available is an important part of keeping your vision health intact. It’s a little known fact, but sunglasses aren’t just for sunny days. Proper UV protection is extremely useful even on the cloudiest of days. This is because UV rays can penetrate the clouds, reflect off of bright surfaces, and even bounce off of water.

    Even when you have the perfect frame in mind, buying the correct lenses for your clear frame sunglasses is a must. Anti-reflective lenses, for example, can reduce the haziness that comes with basic sunglasses. To learn more, check out our collection of Tips & guides here.