SUNGLASES Frame Shapes of 2020

Oversized Retro Sunglasses Trends for 2020

Big and bold retro-inspired frames aren’t just for the daring among us; both men and women can rock oversized glasses with the right attitude. Old-school design elements like narrow metallic temples add an extra dimension of style to oversized sunglasses frames.


Tahiti $39

Tahiti features oversized round lenses and a striking cat-eye shape. This frame gets us psyched for summer!

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Geometric Sunglass Frames — Modern Sunglasses Trends

Angular geometric frames lend a modern and luxurious look to any man or woman’s outfit. They can add a trendy touch to your wardrobe and will have you looking forward to sunny days so you can rock them from sunrise to sunset.

Sun Eight

Sun Eight $39

The refined golden rims and tortoise temple tips of Sun Eight keep this frame chic and down to earth.

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Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

This feminine frame style is perfect for those romantic summer days! Standard circular or square-shaped lenses are great, but a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses will really make a statement. 2020 is all about being audacious, so try these out to express your love for the trend!


Darling $39

Darling is as playful and romantic as sunglasses can get! The warm tortoiseshell frame and thick corners make this style avant-garde and trendy.

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Aviator Sunglass Frames for 2020

Aviator sunglasses are here to stay! The distinctive teardrop lens shape and double top bar details have held a top spot on fashionable faces since the ’50s. They boast an aura of attitude and confidence that add a touch of edge to your everyday.


Venture $39

Venture takes all the edgy charm of the style and bring it to the next level with re-imagined design elements.

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Angled Cat Eye Sunglasses, Sassy 2020 Trends

Cat-eye sunglasses frames are super trendy and ultra vogue. For 2020, opt for sharper corners and thicker frames for a chic and modern look. Browse this selection to unlock your feline fashion potential.

Sun Rhyme

Sun Rhyme $23

Sun Rhyme is an oversized pair of cat-eye sunglasses with a fashionable burgundy finish. The classic color and playful shape makes them the perfect design to wear this year.

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Multi-Material Sunglass Frames for 2020

A big trend for 2020 is sunglass frames made with a combination of materials. Using both metal and acetate on a frame looks modern and stylish while keeping them lightweight and sturdy.


Rollin $59

Rollin’s circular lens shape is cool and retro, while the combination of tortoise acetate and silver metal feels modern and super stylish.

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Popular Prescription Sunglass Styles Colors and Tints

Classic Black Frames

Sometimes, nothing is better than a pair of simple black sunglasses frames for both men and women, and this is still true for 2020. Strata is a refined black browline style frame, with eye-catching silver accents, while Lauren’s curvy design adds a retro touch to the classic black finish

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The Lens Tints of 2020

It’s smart to go bold with your lens tints in 2020. Gradient tints are not only classically stylish, but they also make your shades perfect for things like reading at the beach — the clear lens bottom makes it easier to see the words on each page. Choose ‘gradient’ when customizing your lenses to add gradient tints.

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Casually Cool Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored tints aren’t just for going incognito. They’re also a great way to add some on-trend attitude to your frames. Add a mirrored tint to your lens by selecting ‘Mirrored’ after choosing your frame.


Impossible $20

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