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Why Your Lenses Need a Blue Light Glasses Coating

Feeling groggy? It might be your electronic device that’s driving you restless.

Nowadays, electronic devices play a huge role in our lives. They help us make important connections with the people around us, after all. Digital screens let us do everything from texting a classmate on your smartphone or sending a work e-mail to your supervisor. They help us navigate our professional relationships and work efficiently in the workplace, and – when the time is right, they help us relax! Movie junkies, social media lovers, and video game fans of all ages use digital screens to unwind and take it easy. However, they do have to be careful of a certain catch. Digital screens of all types emit a special kind of blue light. Unlike other types of light, blue light can tire us out big time and harm our eyes. The solution? Treat your eyes to a special blue light glasses coating.

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What can a blue light glasses coating do?

A lens with a blue light glasses coating will divert blue light from entering your eye. It might seem like a small difference, but this barely noticeable coating makes a big impact in blocking out incoming blue light rays. It's powerful enough to protect your eyes from the adverse effects of blue light, and will still let you view other types of light with accuracy.

Why are they important?

Long-term exposure to blue light can have some pesky side effects. One of them being the disruption of your sleep schedule. When blue light penetrates your cornea, it reduces the amount of melatonin that your body produces. The bright light of your phone or computer screen convinces your body that it might still be day-time. This prevents you from getting a proper night’s rest. Got a friend or family member who’s work life revolves around the use of a computer? Ask them and they’ll know. A persistent mix of drowsiness and restlessness is common for folks that work long hours at a computer desk.

Headaches and disorientation are more common symptoms. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. After working at your computer for a couple hours, you stand up and look away from your device. Everything around you becomes blurry and hard to focus on. This happens because prolonged exposure to blue light makes it harder for us to perceive other types of light. This can deteriorate our vision in both the long and short-term.

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Equipping your favorite pair of glasses with some nifty blue light coating lenses can negate all these effects. By limiting the amount of blue light your eyes take in, your body can produce melatonin at a more natural rate, which means a more stable sleep schedule. If you spend a large amount of time glued to a computer screen, these are the perfect upgrade to your digital life.

Is customizing your lenses with a blue light glasses coating worth it?

When you apply a blue light glasses coating to your lens, you drastically reduce the side effects of long-term digital screen use. On top of keeping your eyes energized during work, they also have the added benefit of being anti-reflective. The coating blocks the intensity of random glares and bright reflections, which means that they’re also useful to drivers too. Not only are they great for professionals, but they’re also perfect for children. Reducing the amount of blue light young eyes take in can greatly slow the onset of age-related vision deterioration. They’re a versatile option for everyone and an excellent investment. EyeBuyDirect offers two different types of blue light coatings, each with their own special benefits. Want to learn more? Check them out here!

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