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The Man of Steel. Kal-El. Clark Kent. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last pop culture century, then you probably know that all three of these names refer to the same heroic guy: Superman. For those of you that don’t know what we’re talking about (and shame on you if that’s the case) Clark Kent is the name of Superman’s civilian alter ego, who works as a journalist at the fictional newspaper “the Daily Planet.” To avoid bringing unneeded attention to his crime fighting shenanigans and phenomenal powers, Superman assumes the life of an average fellow whenever he’s not saving the world. The key behind the disguise? A simple pair of what we call… Clark Kent glasses.

The Classic Clark Kent Glasses Style

When it came to eyewear style, everyday journalist Clark Kent preferred them low key but classy. Thus, rectangle frames became his accessory of choice. If you’ve ever wondered what those  here’s our list of look-alike frames.

For a masculine and intelligent look, Clark Kent glasses like Pacific in Black match the profile spot on.

clark kent glasses-pacific

Pacific in Black, $33

For a deceptively bold style, look no further than Bristol in Black.

clark kent glasses-pacific

Bristol in Black, $20

The Importance of Clark Kent Glasses

So you might be wondering: “What’s so iconic about Superman’s Clark Kent glasses? Shouldn’t we be putting more interest on something less mundane, like the big symbol on his spandex-clad chest?” Well, here’s our answer.

Clark Kent glasses are a crucial part of what makes our beloved hero who he is. Think about it for a second. Before getting powers, Spiderman was simply Peter Parker. Likewise, Batman was just “Bruce Wayne” before he started fighting crime. Before their lives as fighters of justice, most superheroes began as average people.

Superman, on the other hand, is an otherworldly alien from the planet Krypton. Instead of adapting to life with super powers, Superman had to adapt to a life of (relative) normalcy. As a result, struggling with the concept of what it means to be a “average person” is a big part of his emotional and psychological journey. Yes, while the iconic “S” emblem on his shirt represents his Krypton heritage, his Clark Kent glasses represent a different aspect of his life. They’re how he relates to the world he defends, how he perceives humanity, and even how he relates to Lois Lane.   

Going Beyond Clark Kent Glasses

In a jaded and cynical world, it’s easy to forget that superheroes serve as a reminder that good people still exist. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t even have to be able to bench press buildings or melt things with your eyes to be a superhero! All you need is a little willpower and the desire to make life better for the people around you.

That’s why for every pair of EyeBuyDirect glasses our customers buy, we donate an extra pair to a person in need. Simply shop any of our 1000+ styles, and select the option to donate at checkout. It’s free, quick, and even allows you to choose which country to send your donated pair to.

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