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Famous Women Who Wear Glasses

Famous Women Who Wear Glasses

Back in the “good ol’ days,” if a woman needed prescription eyeglasses, she was not-so-fondly referred to as a “nerd”. Think of the old 90s movies where the female lead has her hair up in a bun while wearing a pair of spectacles. This doesn’t fool the male protagonist, though. He takes down her hair and throws away her glasses to reveal there was a beautiful woman there all along. Gasp! It’s a tired and exhausting media trope, we know. But it says some important things about famous women who wear glasses.

We’re glad glasses have broken free of that nasty stigma. In fact, today eyeglasses are used as signature style statements and symbols of empowerment. Even those who don’t need prescription eyewear are sporting glasses.

Maybe it’s because the famous women who wear glasses stood up and said, “I like wearing glasses and I’m not going to hide them.” Because of that, many empowered women are opting for specs instead of contacts. Here is our list of famous women who wear glasses and look great doing it.

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The Trend-Setters

If you look around, there seems to be people sporting fashionable eyewear everywhere. But these female celebrities started wearing glasses before it was cool. Here are just a few women we think brought this look in vogue:

• Meryl Streep: Even while walking the red carpet or winning awards, this world-class actress isn’t afraid to don her signature frames. In both movies and on the red carpet, many of her most iconic looks feature cat eye glasses. She even lets a pair co-star with her in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

• Whoopi Goldberg: Equally confident and hilarious, Goldberg isn’t afraid to make a statement. Her distinctive dreadlocks and killer round frames make her stand out from the crowd.

• Tina Fey: One could argue that Tina Fey brought glasses back and made them cool again. Although this influential writer and actress has been seen in contacts, we definitely associate her with her thick, dark frames.

• Zooey Deschanel: When we think of this talented young woman, “adorkable” is often the adjective used. She’s worn glasses her whole life and we hope she won’t stop anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions

Nowadays, it seems like every time a celebrity comes up in your news feed, they’re wearing some cute and stylish frames. We’re not sure if they’re prescription, but there are tons of celebs who are making glasses look mighty fine.

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are bringing the look into the music world. While style icons, Jennifer Aniston, and Anne Hathaway are seamlessly incorporating eyewear into their high-end fashion.

Make Your Own Signature Statement

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