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Multi Focus Reading Glasses: One lens, many functions

Multi Focus Reading Glasses: One lens, many functions

Multi focus reading glasses reduce eye strain by bringing everything into clear focus. With these lenses, you no longer have to switch between multiple pairs of glasses. Instead, you can enjoy one pair of glasses that work hard, so your eyes don’t have to.

Do You Need Multi Focus Reading Glasses?

As we get older, the lens of the eye loses some of its elasticity and the ability to focus is reduced. This can result in in farsightedness, which is known as Presbyopia. It is quite common, especially once we are over 40. You may start to notice some difficulty reading small writing, and that you are holding books at arm’s length, trying to find a distance your eyes are comfortable with.

If you begin to experience these symptoms and already wear prescription glasses, you should try multi focus reading glasses which will allow to you see clearly at all distances. These lenses allow you to multitask, taking the strain off your eyes when focusing on varying distances. Whilst Presbyopia is a normal change that takes place in our eyes, it can be a sensitive topic as it an unavoidable sign that we are getting older. However, with EBD’s fantastic range of multi focus reading glasses, Presbyopia can be corrected in style.

multi focus reading glasses - two glasses - black - red

Carnival, in Matte Black

How Multi Focus Reading Glasses Work

These lenses work by combining two or more prescription strengths in one lens. The reading strength is at the bottom, and your distance strength is near the top. This allows you to read small text whilst looking down, but see objects far away when looking straight ahead.

Types of Multi Focus Reading Glasses

Conventional bifocals have two prescription powers within one lens, whereas trifocals have three. In trifocal lenses, the third prescription power is for intermediate vision. Progressive lenses gradually change power from top to bottom, and therefore have a range of prescription powers.

The different powers can be placed in different ways in the lens to best suit the wearer. The reading power segment at the bottom of the lens can be a variety of shapes.

Bifocals and trifocals have a visible line dividing the prescription powers. How obvious this dividing line is can depend on the shape and placement of the reading power segment at the bottom. It is possible to have an ‘invisible bifocal’, where the line between the segments is blended out, but this can result in some distortions when looking through the lens. For wearers who want no visible dividing line, a progressive lens is usually the best choice.

Where to Buy Multifocal Reading Glasses

Multifocal reading glasses can be found for an affordable price at Eyebuydirect. These high-quality lenses are available in 1000s of fashionable designs, so you can  take the strain off your eyes in style. Any of our glasses on this catalog can be customized for your special multifocal prescription. You can be as productive as ever, with activities like driving, using a computer and sports made significantly easier by having one pair of glasses that cover all your needs. Gone are the days of having to constantly take your glasses on and off again, or swap between different pairs. Give your eyes a break, and have a look through our multi focus reading glasses here.


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