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Prism Eyeglasses Side Effects

The average glasses wearer doesn’t need lenses with prism correction. Eyeglasses with prism correction eliminate or reduce diplopia, or double vision. Double vision occurs when light enters our eyes at the wrong angle, broadcasting two, identical images to our brain instead of one. Since eyeglasses with prism correction are supposed to help your eyes, the only prism eyeglasses side effects you experience should be a positive one: corrected vision. Take a look at our great quality prism glasses and correct your vision in style.

If you experience side effects from eyeglasses that have prism correction, that means something is amiss. Negative prism eyeglasses side effects are similar to the symptoms of diplopia, or double vision. This includes wandering or misaligned eyes, headaches, pain when you move your eye, pain in your face around your eyes, nausea, and of course seeing double images. Side effects from eyeglasses with prism correction can be caused by a frame that is misaligned, lenses with an incorrect prescription, or a change in your body. To understand what’s causing you to feel prism eyeglasses side effects, contact your doctor or eye care professional. They will be able to correctly identify the underlying causes of any side effects you experience from eyeglasses with prism correction. Below are some scenarios to help you get a better understanding of what may cause you to experience these side effects.

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Causes of Prism Eyeglasses Side Effects

Issue: your eyeglasses with prism lenses stop working all of a sudden. If you have glasses with prism correction that were working fine, but all of a sudden you’re seeing double again or experiencing other side effects, chances are your eyeglasses are out of alignment. One of the ways prism correction works is by shifting the optical center of the lens so that it bends the light the right way. If you bend your eyeglasses’ frame out of shape, there’s a good chance that when you put your glasses back on, the optical center will be in the wrong place, making you experience prism glasses side effects. To fix this, your glasses need to be readjusted, making sure that the optical centers of your lenses sit correctly in front of your eyes. Another cause may be a sudden change in your body. If this is the case, you should see a healthcare professional as soon as possible since a sudden change in your vision could be the result of neurological damage.

Aside from misaligned glasses, the next most common reason for you to experience negative symptoms from glasses with prism correction is an old or incorrect prescription. If your prescription is not up to date but your eyes have changed, you may start to feel some eye aches and pain due to your prism glasses. The sure way to fix this is to update your prescription. But what if your new pair of glasses with prism correction is causing you discomfort? Well, a couple things could be wrong. Like before, your glasses could not be aligned properly. If this is the case, get your frames adjusted should be a quick fix for an eye care professional.

If adjusting your new glasses doesn’t help, the next thing to check is your lenses. Even with the utmost care, mistakes can happen while happen cutting your lens. If this is the case, one or both of your lenses may need replacing. A good eye care professional knows this is a risk of lenses with prism correction and should never charge to you to replace the lenses for a mistake the lens cutter has made.

If your eye doctor rules out your frames being misaligned and says that your lenses correspond to the number on your prescription, there could be an error with your prescription itself. Maybe a number was missed or maybe you were squinting your eyes during part of the exam. Regardless, you will need to have your eyes re-examined in order to get the right prism correction for your prescription.

Not sure if your glasses need prism correction? Check out our guide on how to read your prescription.

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