Digital devices tiring your eyes out? To help reduce the potentialy harmful effects of digital screens and blue light, EyeBuyDirect is proud to team up with NYC’s hottest self-care pros: Chillhouse!

To bring some self-care into your digital life, every frame in this curated collection can be customized with two types of blue light filtering tech: EBDBlue PlusTM and Sightrelax. So what are you waiting for? Learn more below and show your eyes some love!

“Chillhouse takes a 360° approach to self-care.
Protecting your eyehealth from blue light is a huge part of it.”
- Cyndi Ramirez Fulton, Chillhouse Founder

How do they work?

From tablets- to TVs - any device with a digital screen emits blue light. By filtering that light out, blue light filtering lenses help prevent side effects such as poor sleep cycles, digital eye strain, and early macular degeneration.

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“Modern glasses shouldn’t distract from your natural features.
Clear, thin frames give a subtle but stylish edge.”
- Cyndi, Chillhouse Founder