Protect your eyes without compromising speed

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Cycling Glasses

Every cyclist knows how exhilarating it can be to reach top speed: zipping along with the wind in your wake – it's an incredible feeling. But what's not so pleasant is eye damage. Grit and UV rays are potentially very harmful, and can cause permanent injury.

That's why we're proud to announce the launch of our new range of cycling prescription sunglasses designed with cyclists in mind. Our brand new collection offers a selection of protective sunglasses with contemporary, aerodynamic design.

Our dedicated research and development department has studied the ergonomics of cycling to design a range of aerodynamic polycarbonate sunglasses that will make sure you maintain your speed. Our ophthalmologists have worked to produce a series of lenses that will protect your eyes from the sun and guard them from the elements.

Our lenses

  • Anti-glare, so you only see what you want to see
  • Light-adjusting, for perfect vision at all times
  • UV coated, to block the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause eye damage
  • Polycarbonate, to withstand even the toughest treatment

Our frames

  • Light, because speed matters
  • Aerodynamic, so you're at the top of your game
  • Wrap-around, for optimum protection
  • Expertly designed, so you look as sleek as you feel.
With prices starting at $19 a pair, they are affordable too. Buy online for extra convenience. Get yours now!
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