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Volleyball Glasses

Did you know that sun damage to the eyes is irreversible? If ultraviolet (UV) rays are absorbed by your eyes, they can cause cataracts, muscular degeneration, and even cancer. If you play sport outdoors, you run a major risk of damage. Volleyball players are particularly susceptible to eye damage due to their need to look up during play. Luckily, here at EyeBuyDirect, we have come up with a solution that is stylish as well as effective- Protective prescription sunglasses.

Our brand new range of prescription volleyball sunglasses will make sure that your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays while you play. As well as guarding your eyes against sun damage, our volleyball sunglasses act as a shield against sand, grit and dust particles that volleyball players often encounter on the court. Most importantly, if you need rx glasses, our range of prescription sunglasses include high quality prescription lenses built in to the protective sport frame.

Our lenses

  • Anti-glare and UV coated prescription lenses
  • Light, polycarbonate frames and prescription lenses to resist the impact of a ball
  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Wrap-around frames
Prices start at $29 a pair, making them affordable as well as ultra-wearable.
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volleyball Glasses
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