• Tuesday, 16. September 2014

    During our recent Fall Collection (launching September 17th!) photo shoot, we loved working with our newest model, Ben Clark. We sat down with him after the shoot to ask him a little about himself. We loved him so much that we thought you would, too. Read his interview to find out more!


    blog3 679x1024 Behind the Scenes with Ben Clark

    Name: Ben Clark

    Age: 21

    Home Country: Canada

    Ben loves country music and hockey. He recently did a music video where he played a heart throb who broke the lead singers heart.

     He's a world traveler! He enjoys traveling Asia, such as Hong Kong and China. His favorite movie is Wolf of Wallstreet, but he also likes a good comedy any day of the week.

    He's more than just a pretty face. Ben is educated in the technology of water filtration systems. He dreams of a future career in New York. 


    blog11 1024x819 Behind the Scenes with Ben Clark

    Can't get enough of Ben? Follow him on Twitter or Instagram.
    Twitter: @benclark93
    Instagram: @benclark1993

    Want more of our Fall Collection? View all our frames starting September 17th!

  • Monday, 8. September 2014

    kids eyeglasses.1409794018 1024x384 Kids Frames Now Available!

    The start of a new school year usually means new sneakers, a new lunchbox, and lots of new school supplies. Don't forget one very important Back to School assignment- an eye exam!

    Kids often can't diagnose their own vision problems. Sight issues in kids can often misdiagnosed as hyperactivity, learning disabilities, or inattention, when really kids just need a pair of stylish specs. Guarantee perfect vision with a Back to School eye exam! Kids should get their first eye exam between six months and three years of age, and every year thereafter. 
    Then come to EyeBuyDirect for our fun and colorful (and don't worry, very durable!) kids' frames. Your kids will love the colors and styles, and parents will love the strong and stable quality of these extra small frames. Purchase our kids' frames without the lenses to save a bundle off retail prices. Then take the new frames to an eyecare professional to get RX lenses for your kids. They'll fit the lenses in your EyeBuyDirect frames. Your kids will look great in their new glasses, just in time for another school year!
    Start the school year off right with better vision and some great glasses. Shop kids frames now!
    kids 1024x544 Kids Frames Now Available!

  • Friday, 15. August 2014

    Vintage Fashion Enthusiast Bianca Picks 20 Frames Under $20

    When we first stumbled upon Bianca Marcia, we were so charmed by her vintage and quirky style, that we asked her to share some #eyebuystyle inspiration. Bianca created a collection of 20 frames (all under $20!) to share with all our EyeBuyDirect glasses lovers. Take a peek into her style below.

    yelloweyebuy 683x1024 Biancas Eye on Style

    EBD: Tell us about yourself.

    Bianca: I am a multimedia artist with a concentration in theatrical costume design and stage properties. This work includes figure modeling for art classes, theatre/wardrobe roadie, personal assistant, teacher, makeup artist, performance artist, and front woman of a band.

    EBD: Tell us about your style.

    Bianca: I describe my style as eclectic and reactive. I am not really into trying to look “pretty.” I like to look interesting. I am not afraid to experiment with my look and take a lot of pride in mixing things up. I try to think outside of the box and am not afraid of fashion fails. They come with the territory, but I always learn from them.

    all650 Biancas Eye on Style

    EBD: And your glasses?

    Bianca: The only time I don’t wear glasses is if I am going swimming or dancing.  I have broken many pairs flinging them off on the dance floor and having them trampled.  But that is another thing that is great about EBD, it does not cost a fortune to replace them. I was looking for a practical alternative to contact lenses and found EBD.  The prices and selection were fantastic, and I have been a loyal customer since.  I have told scores of people about EBD.  Most of my family and many of my friends are now loyal customers, also. 

    EBD: What are your tips for buying glasses online and wearing them well?

    Bianca: Try on different styles and see what you like. There is an enormous selection at EBD. Not to mention the glasses are fashionable, accessible, and a quality product; a combination that attains and retains loyal customers. Also, I suggest having a ruler so you can physically see the size of the lens and frames on your own face. Wear your glasses with confidence.  If I feel good, I look good.  The same will be true for you.  It is that simple. Try it!

    sun6501 Biancas Eye on Style

    EBD: What's next for you?

    Bianca:  I am in the process of launching my own vintage/salvage business, “Biancat’s Meow”. People are always passing things my way because they know I will make good use of them, personally or in the theatre, or by finding them the right home. More and more we are living in a “disposable culture” and I want to combat that; and hopefully make some money in the process.  BTW, used eyeglasses are eminently recyclable!

    EBD: Tell us about your 20 under $20 Collection.

    Bianca: I am partial to dramatic frames, as I work in the theatre and glasses are a statement accessory.  Coral is cool because you rarely see people in clear glasses, and I think the black design adds a nice flavor, not to mention you can’t beat the price point.  I like the large size and bold colors of the Jems. I have them in yellow, but I also like the uniqueness of the white. The Pionersky, Uglich, and the Gvardeysk have a real vintage and geek chic appeal.  Both of the Ketchum patterns remind me of animal print. I really like the bold and hard shape of the Istra.  I LOVE cat eye glasses, and the colors of the Lieksas are fantastic.  I actually had them in blue, but they were a casualty of a dance party.

    arms6501 Biancas Eye on Style

    1. Jinny in Black/Green for $12
    2. Jinny in Black/Brown for $12
    3. Gvardeysk in Black for $19
    4. Coral in Clear for $6
    5. Lieksa in Blue for $9
    Lieksa in Purple for $9
    7. Jem in Yellow for $19
    Jem in White for $19
    9. Kalmar in Burgundy for $19
    10. Ketchum in Brown for $19
    Ketchum in Gray for $19
    12. Uglich in Navy for $15
    13. Istra in Black for $9
    14. Pionersky in Black for $19
    15. Covina in Purple for $6
    Covina in Blue for $6
    17. JB-8453 in Brown for $9
    18. Sutherlin in Tortoise for $19
    19. Adeline in Purple for $19
    20. Makushino in Brown for $19


  • Monday, 28. July 2014

    Last week we released our shiniest, slickest, and flashiest sunglasses option yet- Mirrored Lenses! This tinted coating can be added to any of our frames for only $29. But don't get hung up on the price, because we're giving away $29 Loyalty Dollars to one lucky winner!

    HP Mirrored banner 720 WIN Mirrored Sunglasses

    In honor of our Mirrored Lenses, we want to see your reflection wearing your EyeBuyDirect eyeglasses. Tweet us a selfie wearing any pair of our glasses and you'll be entered to win a $29 Loyalty Dollars that can be spent to buy your very own Mirrored Lenses. We will add $29 Loyalty Dollars into the account of one lucky winner. 

    MirrorBanner Eyeglasses Small WIN Mirrored Sunglasses


    In order to win, participants must

    1) Follow @EyeBuyDirect on Twitter

    2) Tweet a selfie photo that features yourself and EyeBuyDirect eyeglasses

    3) Mention @EyeBuyDirect in the above Tweet

    4) Use hashtag #eyebuystyle




    Winners will be chosen by the EyeBuyDirect Team and based on creativity and originality. To be eligible to win, you must be 18 years or older. One entry per person. Contest runs from July 28 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) CST to July 30 at 12:00 (noon) p.m. CST. Winner will be announced on the @eyebuydirect Twitter on July 31. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize via email. EyeBuyDirect will add $29 Loyalty Dollars into the account of the winner. 

  • Wednesday, 18. June 2014

    The greatest basketball player to ever use eyewear: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!
    8407852390 28f7ca6c11 o Shop ULTEM Eyewear Now!

    This former Laker started to wear his signature eyewear when he joined the Los Angeles Lakers, where he developed corneal erosion syndrome. He still was able to play thanks to the goggles Abdul-Jabbar even coined his “Skyhook” shot and broke a defensive rebound record!

    This legend both on the court wore his iconic goggles with pride and style. The durability of the frames kept Abdul-Jabbar’s eyes safe so he could focus on the game. The durability of these frames reminds us of our ULTEM Collection.

    ULTEM 1024x557 Shop ULTEM Eyewear Now!
    Our ULTEM Collection emphasizes durability and flexibility needed for those with a fast-paced lifestyle, like Abdul-Jabbar. Our ULTEM Frames are on sale now! Today is the last day to save up to 30% on these popular frames.

    HP mobile Shop ULTEM Eyewear Now!

    But you don’t have to be a player in the NBA to appreciate these stylish frames. ULTEM frames are designed to be worn by  those who seek comfort, durability, and flexibility. These frames are perfect for those who need a little assurance that their glasses can withstand the bumps, drops, and tumbles of life.

  • Tuesday, 10. June 2014

    Staring at a computer for hours on end can leave your eyes screaming for a break. They begin to feel irritated, swollen, and as if the Mojave desert was in our eyes. According to the American Optometric Association, 50-90% of computer workers suffer from dry eyes, red eyes, blurred vision, and double vision. But there is no cause for alarm. EyeBuyDirect has a solution!  

    IMG 4271 1024x418 Give your eyes a break, give Blue Cut a try!

    Enter Blue Cut,  our newest line of computer lenses are designed specifically for the daily computer, tablet, and smartphone user. These special lenses filter out harmful blue light that strains eyes after hours of staring at a screen. They relax your eyes, so that you  can work, post, and blog comfortably. And the best part- Blue Cut coating can be added to any of our lenses and frames. So whether you are looking for style or comfort EyeBuyDirect, has just the thing.

    Give your eyes a break, give Blue Cut a try! You won’t be disappointed. Check them out  at the EyeBuyDirect.

    bluecut blog Give your eyes a break, give Blue Cut a try!

  • Wednesday, 28. May 2014

    Our Summer Collection is here! Shop Men or Shop Women. Treat yourself to super sweet summertime frames in several delicious colors. Hurry before they melt away!

    IMG 4276 1024x504 Shop Our Summer Collection

    We're loving our Fran Frames in Blue and Gray. These unisex plastic frames are semitransparent with a glossy finish. The keyhole nose bridge and the clear arm tips show the fun details of these frames. These are a staple for any wardrobe!

    boy2 1024x624 Shop Our Summer Collection

    Our Gelendzhik frames stay subtle with their brown plastic and metal arms, yet make a statement with their classic shape. Dress them up or dress them down. Add some tint to make them into sunglasses!

    girl 1024x624 Shop Our Summer Collection

    What makes a statement more than a pop of red color near your eyes or on your face? Nothing! Our Red Adelaide Frames are fabulous and fresh! These bright and bold red frames are balanced by black arms.

    tint blog Shop Our Summer Collection

    Colorful sunnies are trending this summer! Add color tint, gradient tint, polarized coating, or photochromic lenses to any of our frames to make them into sunglasses. We love Korocha, Valuyki, and Naro with green tint. We love Corin and UAF-110190 in gray. Try gradient tint, like with our Alisson frames, for an added pop of style. 

  • Friday, 9. May 2014

    title Gift Guide for Mom

    Mothers should be celebrated everyday! But this Sunday, give them a little extra love. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are offering 20% off all Women’s Frames from Friday, May 9, to Sunday, May 11! Use code women20. We know that buying for Mom isn’t always easy. We’ve broken it down to help you find the perfect gift for the special Moms in your life. 

    trendy1 Gift Guide for Mom

    Trendy moms are fashion-forward no matter where they’re going. They’re well aware what is in season, and chances are they they already own a couple pairs of glasses. Why not nudge them out of their comfort zone with some colorful Jalen frames in Red. This mom will rock the funky color. These frames pair best with neutral colored jewelry like these Skylar earrings in Teal by Kendra Scott for $65.

    bookworm Gift Guide for Mom


    From classics to mysteries, moms who love to read make it easy to pick out the perfect gift. But why not stray from the usual books and get her some reading accessories she’s sure to love? Our Luza frames are the perfect reading glasses. They’re light and compact enough to toss in your book bag. These classic wayfarers with a hint of blue color will have her book club buddies envious! Just be sure to select “Reading: To see near” when purchasing. Pair her new specs with this glasses-inspired Ereader cover from Barnes & Noble for $25.

    go Gift Guide for Mom

    This mom makes juggling look fun. From family and friends to hobbies and a career, this mom has it all together. And what better way to keep it all together than with some subtle specs and an eye-catching tote? Our rimless Alijah frames keep the focus on mom’s face, and their Burgundy color shows off a little personality. Wrap Mom’s new glasses in this multifunctional Laser-Cut Tote in Fanfare by Vera Bradley for $88.

    gardens1 Gift Guide for Mom


    Gardening moms are not afraid to get their hands dirty, but who says they have to? Get mom some sunnies like these Nizhny frames to protect her eyes in the sun. Pair the sunglasses with these adorable gardening gloves from Womanswork for $30. Mom will be as stunning as her flowers with these outdoor gifts. For added eye safety, try Polarized sunglasses. This lens costing reduces harmful glare and makes your vision flawless. And what gardening mom wouldn't want the fashionable and functional Orange Paisley Gloves by Womanswork for $30?

    cook Gift Guide for Mom


    From casseroles to cook-offs, this mom makes it all with love. So why not show her how much you care with these Nikolskoye frames in Tortoise? These frames combine all the durability and functionality Mom needs with the cool and modern look she wants. Make sure to add Premium Water Repellent Coating to Mom’s glasses. All the splashes and spills will just wipe right off with this coating. Add a little something else to Mom’s special day with this precious Hoot Pot Holder from ModCloth for $10.

    Happy hunting, and happy Mother's Day!

  • Tuesday, 29. April 2014

    Similar to Iconic Preppy is the Essential Nautical trend. Inspired by East Coast boaters, sailors, rowers, and sea enthusiasts, this Spring Trend comes back in style every year about this time. Defined by it's red and navy stripes, this style pops with cute hints of anchors, rope, or boats. We love this Modcloth boat neck blouse and this adorable dome umbrella from Nordstrom.  

    Essential Nautical1 Spring Trends: Essential Nautical

    Our Adelaide frames compliment the nautical style perfectly. If red is a tad too bold for you, try our Lyalya frames and our Jem glasses are great pops of color. adelaide Spring Trends: Essential Nautical lyalya Spring Trends: Essential Nautical jem Spring Trends: Essential Nautical

  • Tuesday, 22. April 2014

    If tribal prints aren't quite your cup of tea, try Iconic Preppy this spring. This timeless style is defined by pleats, collars, blazers, and pastels. This spring trend is sure to stick around for seasons to come. View our set on Polyvore to check out this PAUL & JOE Crepe Flare Mini Skirt or this Splendid 'Kikka' Sandal.

    IconicPreppy Spring Trends: Iconic Preppy


    Our Sam and Ellington frames are prefect for a fresh preppy look. When in doubt, stick to dark and neutral frames. But if you're feeling funky, check out colorful pastel frames like our Oregon specs.

    sam Spring Trends: Iconic Preppy

    ellington Spring Trends: Iconic Preppy

    Oregon IconicPreppy Spring Trends: Iconic Preppy

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