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If you’re looking for a pair of nerdy, hipster glasses, you’re probably on the hunt for some oversized wayfarer glasses. Oversized wayfarer glasses are the keystone of the modern geek chic; that important accent piece that elevates your retro look from basic to boss. Originally designed for men, classic wayfarer glasses had an inherent oversized look. They’re known for their broad rims, thick frames, wide temple arms, and their unique inverted-trapezoid lens shape.

Oversized Wayfarer Glasses Fit Everyone

Sometimes, when choosing the right pair of glasses it all comes down to shape. For example, if you have round face with softer features, you may be better suited to wear square or rectangular frames. On the other hand, glasses that are rounder in shape tend to work best for people who have strong jawlines and broad cheekbones. So where do wayfarer glasses fit into this? Thanks to their unique shape, classic wayfarer eyeglass frames work really well for four out of five of face shapes: round, square, oval, and heart. The height of the lenses plus the angles of the frame shape give wayfarer glasses a balanced look the works with many faces.

And no, we didn’t forget that we were talking about oversized wayfarers. Here’s the thing, due to their extra large size, these oversized frames manage to fit all five face shapes, diamond included. While normal sized wayfarers might make the cheeks of someone with diamond-shaped face look extra wide, the extra height and width of an oversized wayfarer frame balance out the face by drawing out the width of a narrow forehead. Keep in mind though, as much as we love the oversized look, if you have regular sized glasses, make sure you check your current frame measurements before going oversized. If you pick a pair that’s too wide they may not sit properly and if the frame lens height is too tall, they could end up getting smudges from resting too much on your cheeks.

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Aura, in Champagne

Modern Oversized Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer glasses were originally designed for men’s fashion, but it wasn’t long until they found their way onto the faces of women. Over time, traditional wayfarers evolved and adapted themselves to trends a la mode. Angles were softened, the broad lines of the temple arms became slimmer. And while modern styles maintain the classic wayfarer lens shape, contemporary takes on wayfarer glasses have resulted in styles in a wide array of styles and colors.

Long and lithe, modern wayfarer styles are more attuned to feminine features. Oversized wayfarers with a rounder frame shape are perfect for women who desire a larger-than-life-look that doesn’t overshadow their natural features. Dark tones and patterns can help to embolden the contours of these glasses, while lighter colors lend themselves to a whimsical vibe. Loving the oversized wayfarer shape but want something in metal? Then you may want to check out aviator glasses to get the that oversized and angular feel with the glint of gold or silver.

Vintage Oversized Wayfarer Glasses

We’re not gonna lie, we’ve always had a thing for that vintage oversized wayfarer glasses. Distilled from 1950s’ neo-dada, vintage style wayfarer frames have three distinct features: their size, color, and shape. For size, you’re going to want to find a style that’s a little bit on the taller size, which shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re already searching for oversized frames. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the frame is a bit on the thicker too, especially the temple arms.

Many modern wayfarer styles have a slimmer look, so it should be easy to spot the difference. Next up is the color, which is an easy one. Black. While the temple arms might be a different color, the best color to get the true vintage look is darkest of darks—good ol’ jet black. And finally, the shape, which you know by now is kind of an upside-down trapezoid. To get the classic, oversized wayfarer look, make sure the outside bottom angles of the lenses are less curved and more squared. And there you have it: vintage, oversized glasses!

Now after reading this, we bet you feel like a pro on all things wayfarer… and you are. The next step? Find a your perfect pair of oversized wayfarer glasses and let that inner nerd loose. Happy hunting!


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