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Sarah Palin, the former vice president nominee, has caused a rimless eyeglasses craze. It seems that everybody is looking for those sleek rectangular lenses prescription eyeglasses. Described by ABC news as The new Hillary Clinton Pantsuit, Sarah Palins rimless rectangular eyeglasses, designed by Japanese eyeglasses designer Kazuo Kawasaki, are in high demand. Sarah Palin is not a woman of one frame, however all her eyeglasses share the same stylish-professional look. Will Sara Palin be the next Jackie Kennedy of eyewear?
Sarah palin frames

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You can't look at Sarah Palin without marveling at how beautiful her eyeglasses are, and how perfectly they set the tone of serious, yet stylish. Her nomination for vice president has set off a genuine rush to optical businesses by women who want her glasses. We have collected for you a set of frames guaranteed to give you the Sarah Palin look

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Sarah palin rimless eyeglasses
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