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Are Rimless Glasses Out of Style?

Are Rimless Glasses Out of Style?

Ah, rimless eyeglasses. Believe it or not, what used to be the cornerstone of eyewear fashion back in the day is now experiencing an interesting rut in today’s style-conscious world. Trapped between being a niche statement one minute and a raging must-have item the next, the debate rages on: Are rimless glasses out of style, or are they making the comeback of a lifetime? Find out why fashion experts everywhere are still obsessing over this age-old classic.

When Were Rimless Glasses First Popularized?

The biggest reason why urban style experts ask, “are rimless glasses out of style?” is simply because of how long the classic style’s been around. First dubbed “pince-nez” glasses, these lightweight frames got their first taste of the spotlight back in the mid 1800s — more than two centuries ago! This traditional style is best summed up in Palo Alto, a rimless frame that features a bronze finish and perfectly round lenses.

Girl wearing Palo Alto eyeglasses in GoldPalo Alto, in Gold

You’re probably wondering: “How could a fashion relic from that long-gone era persist until now?” Well, the answer is actually quite simple. Rimless glasses are effective in what they do. They have the ability to inspire a sense of intelligence and class in any outfit, and it shows in contemporary fashion. Don’t believe us? Just look at their widespread popularity in LA’s celebrity scene.

Who’s Wearing Rimless Glasses Now

Rimless glasses are the go-to choice in both the music and filmmaking industries. While wild nights call for more outspoken glasses (like oversized acetate frames or cat eye glasses), your favorite actor or lyricist probably favors rimless glasses in their down time. For example, cutting edge stars love rectangle-shaped lenses like Woodrow in black.

Silver screen legends such as Jennifer Garner and Patrick Dempsey are huge fans of the style, and for good reason. Their specs compliment their smart sense of fashion, and up the level of sleekness incorporated in their day-to-day clothes.

The Final Verdict: Are Rimless Glasses Out of Style?

So if your fashion-conscious friends ask, “are rimless glasses cool still?”, step up to the plate and tell them one thing: They’re more popular than ever! With the influence of Hollywood’s hottest stars, rimless glasses are making a huge resurgence in popularity. In fact, if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on your own pair, Eyebuydirect has got a huge selection.

Crafted out of premium titanium, our rimless glasses range from classic round lensed frames to business ready rectangle specs. And if you’re still not convinced on the whole “are rimless glasses out of style” debate, don’t worry. You can go half-half with a pair of equally fashionable semi-rimless frames if you’d like. With over 1000 different affordable styles to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll find your perfect pair.


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