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How often should you get new glasses?

How often should you get new glasses?

How often should you get new glasses depends on your particular set of circumstances and habits. However, the indicators can be split into three main categories, those being:  

  • How often do you visit your eye doctor?
  • How often do you wear your glasses?
  • Are glasses a central feature of your fashion statement?

These questions act as a quick guide, but of course different lifestyles can call for different approaches. If you are wondering how often should you get new glasses, then keep reading.

Regular eye check-ups

Because prescriptions can fluctuate, it is important to visit your eye doctor regularly, which ideally should be in the region of once a year. If your prescription changes, this can obviously increase how often should you get new glasses.  Although for adults it is unlikely that the prescription will change with every visit, it is worth seriously considering the eye doctor’s opinion. If your current glasses are not the correct prescription, not only will you have issues with seeing clearly, but you may experience tension headaches, eye strain and fatigue. Should you be experiencing something like this, then perhaps a visit to the optometrist is in order.

how often should you get new glasses

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Use and damage  

There is little need to discuss in great depth the necessity for every day glasses wearers having to purchase pairs more often than those who occasionally wear them on sunny beaches or for driving. Scratched lenses or twisted frames can occur from pressure being applied from the wrong angle – most glasses wearers have managed to accidentally sit on their own glasses at least once! Having multiple pairs of glasses also reduces the wear and tear on any one pair, helping them all to last that little bit longer.

From a health perspective, one should aim to keep physical stresses on the face caused by frames to a minimum. Impressions in your skin, nose bone or ears are all things to look out for.

Staying up-to-date

Cultural, socio-economic and even technological shifts impact fashion trends and their affordability. Just like the latest smartphones, glasses have made definitive strides in reducing glare from screens. This would surely seem a worthy investment if your job involves prolonged periods in front of a computer screen. And while some fashion trends are simply too expensive to follow, many are now be affordable with even the possibility that a future resurrection may take place depending on consumer confidence. In fashion, what goes around comes back around as vintage! Why not swap your outdated spectacles to something a little more current, but hang on to the older pair as they may well be trendy again in years to come! If of course you operate in an appearance orientated environment where how you present yourself is highly important, it would be prudent to stay ahead of the curve through regular updates to your style.

Finding an exact answer to how often should you get new glasses is clearly subject to numerous variables. Ultimately, we make it easier to get new glasses more frequently with our amazing value for money spectacles – check out some of our range here.

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