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Plastic Frames with Nose Pads

Plastic Frames with Nose Pads

When it comes to plastic frames with nose pads, some people often have the misconception that they’re the most “basic” option available. Truth is, glasses made out of plastic are just as fashionable (and affordable!) than eyewear made out of any other type of material. This is what makes plastic frames with nose pads currently the most popular kind on the market today.

Why We love Plastic Frames with Nose Pads

When one hears the word “plastic”, they usually imagine flimsy things like party cups, tupperware, and take-out utensils. If you think that the materials used to make those items are also used in the manufacturing of plastic glasses, you’re wrong!

The components used to make our glasses is anything but mundane. They’re actually made out of a special, extra-durable plastic called cellulose acetate. Believe it or not, cellulose acetate is a premium material for making glasses.

The sheets of cellulose acetate that frames are cut out of can take on any kind of color. The versatility of this material lets eyewear designers experiment with every kind of hue or pattern under the sun. That’s why we can explore unique options like pink florals and leopard.

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The Importance of Nose Pads

Nose pads are an extremely important factor in finding your perfect pair of eyeglasses After all, function is just as important as fashion! In terms of nose pad variety, there is a crazy amount of choice out there. Here are just some of the ways you can customize your nosepads:

Customized Nosepads

Shape: Oval, button, D-shaped, etc. Eyebuydirect’s nose pads usually come in the comfy teardrop shape.

Size: These nose pads are sold in millimeters and are measured from top to bottom.

Material: Comfortable nose pad materials range from hard and firm plastic to soft and pliable silicon.


Different ways to insert them:

Screw-in: Some nose pads require a tool to be inserted. In these cases, Eyebuydirect supplies every purchase with a nifty screwdriver.

Push-in: These easy-to-use nose pads are simply inserted into a specific part of the nose bridge. This makes them quick to remove and replace. 

Adhesive: Adhesive nose pads are held in place by a strong glue for maximum security.  

It’s a lesser known fact, but plastic frames with nose pads are also an excellent choice for people with more shallow noses. If you have a flatter-set nose, sometimes it can be a struggle to keep a pair of glasses on your face. Luckily for you, nose pads can give you that extra bit of nose support that you need to keep your frames propped up correctly. (This is sometimes referred to as “Asian fit glasses”. And as an Asian myself, I can guarantee that nose pads definitely do the trick!)

Eyebuydirect has got the hottest collection of plastic frames with nose pads. The best part? On top of having the internet’s most affordable prices, they also deliver right to your doorstep with a 14-day fitting and style period! Get started with our collection, and find your perfect pair today.

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