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Fun screen-free activities for kids to do at home

For those of us with kids at home, staying in nearly 24/7 can make us feel like we’re the ringmasters of our very own circus. Who couldn’t use a little escape right now? But before you reach for that digital device to entertain your fidgety, hungry, and messy little monkey, ask yourself this: 

We may be at home together, but are we really spending time with each other? 

Between keeping up with work, house chores or all of the above, and your kiddo learning online (or staring at some form of a screen), staying connected with each other during this time can be challenging.  

We came up with a variety of fun (and screen-free) activities to do at home that will help take you out of your daily routine and put you in the moment with your little one. So grab the glue sticks, take a break from reality, and get ready to tap into your inner child.

An infographic of indoor activities for kids

Have some family-time fun with a fashion show, puppet show, or recreation of your favorite TV show. Or, let your little one’s imagination run free with a cardboard box and some craft supplies. Now is the perfect time to connect over creativity, curiosity and imagination. 

Whatever the day calls for, we’ve got you covered. Click here and here to download more printable activities for your kiddo to do at home.

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