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HomeBlogHappy Thanksgiving, from EyeBuyDirect!

Happy Thanksgiving, from EyeBuyDirect!

From our dinner table to yours,

EyeBuyDirect wishes you an amazing (and delicious!) Thanksgiving.

Gratitude, love, and togetherness. Every year, families from across the world gather to celebrate these values with the people they cherish. As another hectic year comes to a close, Thanksgiving offers people a brief moment of reflection on their life’s journey and the people who make it all possible.  

In the same spirit, EyeBuyDirect would like to thank everyone who made our journey possible… starting with you!

Since our beginning in 2006, your support has been our main drive and inspiration. Thanks to your  stunning community photos, amazing feedback, and inspiring styles, EyeBuyDirect continues to grow and transform into something greater.

Everyday, we become more and more proud to serve such a terrific community  And for that, we give our thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Warmest wishes,

Your #EBDFamily