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3 Things You Need to Know about Eyezen

Eyezen glasses and digital screen protection.

Everything about Sightrelax

It’s for everyone 
With all there is to see, create, and share on digital screens, your eyes don’t have it very easy. And that’s true for everyone, whether you already wear glasses or not. But you can still get the most out of all this digital awesomeness just by showing your eyes a little love. Sightrelax is designed to protect your eyes and help you focus on what matters.

Digital screen protection from sightrelax is important when using a computer

It protects your eyes
Let’s face it, the first thing most of us do when we wake up in the morning is check our phones. And it’s probably the last thing you do before you go to bed. Want a fun challenge? Try counting the number times you check your phone in a day, it may surprise you. Studies show that people check their phones around 120 times a day, or once every 6.5 minutes. Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours connected. Whether it’s your computer at work or a weekend filled with Netflix, there’s a good chance there’s a device in front of our face and another not far.

Most of these digital devices have screens that emit blue light. Now, while certain portions of blue light are actually beneficial to us, there’s a small range that research shows might be damaging our eyes, and is the cause of accelerated age-related macular degeneration. But you’re in luck, Sightrelax lenses are specially designed to filter out that portion blue-violet light suspected causing damage.

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It helps you focus
The majority of us spend an average of 8 hours connected to some sort of device, adding into a total of 12 hours spent consuming media every day. That’s a lot of screen time. All that time spent catching up with the news on your phone, or reading and writing emails at work can put a lot of stress on our eyes. Pixelated screens are a bit more difficult to focus on and force our eyes to work harder. This can lead to something called digital eyestrain or fatigue. If you’ve ever noticed that you get headaches or tired and dry eyes at the end of the day, these could very well be signs that you’re feeling digital eye fatigue.

Sightrelax’s solution for this is unique. To combat the strain caused by focusing on small text, the lowest portion of each lens features a small additive power, not unlike reading glasses. This allows your eyes to reduce the amount of focusing effort they need to make. The transition from your normal view to the enhanced one is seamless, thanks to technology related to digital progressives. Help take a load off your eyes while you browse on your phone.

Find your comfort
With less stress on your eyes and body, it’s easier to focus on everything else. Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. That’s why Sightrelax glasses are available to everyone. Whether you have a prescription or not, help reduce eyestrain, get the most out of your screenlife.

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