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EBD x Deserted in Urban

Fading light with Milo

Losing yourself in the flow of the crowds, winding between the towering tops of an urban jungle is simple, but finding yourself isn’t. Faces and facades blur together as you try to get your bearings.

But despite being lost, you’re not forgotten.

The creative collective lifestyle known as Deserted in Urban proposes solutions for those trying to orientate themselves amongst the metropolitan mix—identity through style and self-discovery, and culture based on celebrating labelless individuality. Recently, EBD has had the chance to be featured as part of D.I.U.’s collaborative mission of inspiration and discovery.

Feeling lost? Why not try and find yourself.

Holding up the world with Shibuya

Shibuya in tortoiseshell

We have a Theory about the Washington Post

Translucent Theory

Fading light with Milo

Milo in black

Striped granite Shade

Shade in striped granite

Want to discover more?

Check out Deserted in Urban’s site and blog.