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Happy Holidays from the #EBDFamily

The holidays: a time where families, either from the same city block or oceans apart, travel far and wide to come together as one. To celebrate this year’s most joyful season, join EyeBuyDirect as we share the stories of these unique souls — each coming from a different background, age, and walk of life.

The Chill Dad


Day in and day out, Stevie’s got quite the business schedule to tackle every week. However, nothing’s going to stop him from relaxing the right way this holiday season — with family.


The Cuddly One


After a long and ruff year, sometimes you just need a cuddle buddy to hang out with. Luckily for everyone, Murphy is a master of the snuggle.


The Awesome Couple

Kristen McKenzie

Ain’t no mountain too high, and ain’t no valley too low — When it comes to sharing adventure stories at the holiday dinner table, power couple Kirsten and Steph have seen it all and more.

Rose Gold

The Adventurer


Jordan’s love for adventure has brought him and his two best friends on quests around the world — but when the end of the year arrives? Going home to see his family is the trip he looks forward to most.

Warm Tortoise

The Star Family

LaToya’s Life

From working, to kid-raising, to having fun — LaToya’s family does it all with heart and spirit. Celebrating this season’s end is going to be no different!

Matte Black

The Life Of The Party


When it comes to holiday celebrations, everyone knows that the season’s cheers don’t start until Luca arrives.


The Wise Couple

Trent + Luke

Sometimes, the holidays can be a be bit more hectic than they should be. When things get tough, Luke and Trent are the pair to go to for some solid direction. After all, nothing’s more important than self-love and care.


The Travel Fam

The Wander Family

Love, laughs, and warmth. For the Wander Family, these holiday values are things that should be experienced together, not alone!


The Little Fashionista


She might only be 5, but Mia and her sister know that this holiday season marks the perfect time to flaunt their passion for fashion.

The Worldly Mom


Krista expertly juggles being the coolest mom around, travelling with her family, and chillaxing — all just in time for the holiday season.

Clear White

The Artist

@drawing_for_my_ grandchildren

Grandma writes, and Grandpa draws. Together, their memories and talents take form to depict the true meaning of family: love.

Striped Clear

The Filmmaker


Time flies when you’re having fun with the fam — That’s why Kade uses his camera to capture every special moment, no matter how big or small.

St Michel

The Coolest Grandma Ever


While turkey and fruit cake are some of this season’s most popular treats, you can be certain that Baddie Winkle will be serving fiery style at her holiday parties as well.


The Sister Duo


Since their first day as sisters, Gramma and Ginga have been laughing, arguing, and supporting each other through thick and thin. This season, they’ll be celebrating how far they’ve come — and how far they can still go!