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What Do Eyeglasses Do?

What do eyeglasses do? They help us see! To be a little more technical, they correct vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. To understand what eyeglasses do, it’s important to understand how our eyes work. For people with perfect vision, their eyes are just the right shape. When light enters their eyes, it bends and comes to a focus right on the retina, the part of your eye that catches the light.


Things are a little different for people who have vision problems. Most vision problems occur when our eyes aren’t quite the right shape, which causes light to enters our eyes the wrong way. When the light focuses in the wrong part of our eye, our vision becomes blurry. So what do eyeglasses do to fix this? Well, eyeglasses help by bending the light the right way, correcting any refractive errors — a fancy term for vision problems — and focus light perfectly on our retinas. Essentially, glasses help by making light enter our eyes the same way it would enter the eyes of someone with 20/20 vision.


How much the light is bent all comes down to the prescription in your lenses. Remember all of that time your eye doctor spent clicking different settings on that crazy glasses machine, asking you which configuration gave you the clearest vision? Or when they covered an eye and told you to read letters on a wall until it became too blurry? Or shooting those tiny puffs of air into your eye? They were determining what your eyeglasses need to do in order to correct your vision. Once they have all of the details about your eyes, then the can write a prescription for the right kind of lens.

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Factors like the shape, position, and width of your lens all help determine what your eyeglasses do. For example, if you’re nearsighted, that means the light entering your eye isn’t making all the way back to your retina. This means that things up close look fine, but things in the distance look blurry. What do eyeglasses do to make your vision clear? Your glasses use a concave lens. The concave lens in front of your eye makes the light focus further back. How far back depends on the strength of your prescription.


For people who have trouble seeing things up close, eyeglasses work kind of in the opposite manner. When things up close are blurry, that usually means that whatever you’re seeing is being projected too far back in your eyes, past our retina. Doctors use convex lenses to correct this vision problem. Convex glasses lenses move the focus of the light forward, making it land directly on our retinas instead of behind them. If you need help seeing things up close and far away, your glasses help with that, too. To do that, the lenses in your have different sections that focus light to different parts of your eyes depending on where you look through the lens. But vision correction isn’t the only thing eyeglasses do.


Glasses aren’t all about vision correction, they can also be used for protection What do eyeglasses do to protect your eyes? Now, some of you may be thinking of safety glasses, which do in fact protect our eyes, but did you know that even your everyday eyeglasses can protect your eyes? That’s true! Depending on the different coatings and type of lens, your eyeglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.


There’s also one, super important things eyeglasses do that we haven’t mentioned yet… They make you look cool! Whether they’re for fashion or function, glasses are a great way to complete any look. You can smarten up business attire with some semi-rimless glasses, or make your #OotD pop with something a little more crazy and colorful. Not sure where to start? Check out EyeBuyDirect’s most popular glasses to find yours.


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