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Where Are My Glasses?

Where Are My Glasses?

We’ve all been there. You take off your glasses for one moment, maybe to wash your face or put on some makeup, and when you reach for them they’re gone! Next thing you know, you’re crawling on the ground yelling — where are my glasses like you’re having a classic Scooby Doo Velma moment. It’s something that’s happened to every glasses wearer at some point. (And if someone denies it, they’re probably lying.)

The Where Are my Glasses Conundrum

We all dread having that where are my glasses thought. Believe it or not, sometimes even our favorite frames can vanish right when we need them the most. If you’ve ever ran into this problem, don’t worry. The Eyebuydirect crew has the right tips to make sure that it’ll never happen again.

where are my glasses

Don’t let this be you.

How to Find Lost Glasses at Home

Tip 1: Give Your Beloved Specs a Case!

Putting your glasses inside of a case is a great habit to get into. Not only does this stop your frames from tumbling around your purse or falling into the crease of a couch, it’s a surefire way to prevent scratches on your lenses! Luckily for you, every frame in Eyebuydirect’s popular RFLKT line comes with a sleek faux leather case. Keep your frames safe in style!

Tip 2: Always on The Go? Consider a Lanyard

For some of us (especially those of us that use glasses for reading), taking your glasses off and putting them on dozens of times every hour is natural. It’s kind of a classic trick, but keeping your glasses hanging off a lanyard is a foolproof way to not lose them when you need them most.

Tip 3: Don’t Rely on Just One Pair

Being attached to a single pair of glasses is natural, but it comes with a drawback — If you misplace it, then you’ve got no choice but to deal with poor vision until you find it again! You can avoid this by owning more than one pair of glasses. Not only does this let you switch things up in terms of style, it ensures that you’ll never be without vision correction when you need it. Then, when you have the free time, you can search for your missing pair with proper eyesight! Worried about the price of multiple pairs of eyewear hurting your wallet? At Eyebuydirect, buying prescription glasses is marginally more affordable than going to your average brick and mortar store. Just visit our collection to get started!

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Sequence, in Ocean Tide

Tip 4: Use GPS to Locate Them!

In this day and age, one thing that we very rarely forget is our cell phone. If your glasses-losing is becoming a serious problem, consider downloading the LOOK app. All you need to do is attach a special little strip to the inside of your glasses temple arm to get started. Then, before you go telling your friend, “help me find my glasses” you can just use your phone instead! The LOOK app will automatically track the position of your glasses via GPS.

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to lose one of your most important tools. That’s why we hope this short list of useful tips can help you avoid that in the future. If you’re reading this because you’ve lost your frames for good though, don’t worry either! Shopping online for your frames is more affordable and easy than over. Get started and find your perfect pair today.

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