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May 9 on the 9th

Girl wearing Sun Tea sunglasses from Eyebuydirect on InstagramIt’s the 9th and we’d like to share 9 of our favorite Instagram posts from our hashtag #eyebuydirect.

A hedgehog with three pairs of sunglasses from Eyebuydirect on Instagram

@lionelthehog with Augustine in ivory tortoise, Shadow in striped granite, and Sun Kyoto in clear.

Luminance sunglasses on a table with some makeup on Instagram

@laurencaruso_ with Luminance in clear.

Man wearing red Haute Couture sunglasses form Eyebuydirect

@alexandreamaranthe in Haute Couture in dark red.

Atmosphere glasses from Eyebuydirect on Instagram

@jamijem with Atmosphere in glazed tortoise with gray tinted lenses.

barbarafini wearing Bardot glasses from eyebuydirect on Instagram

@barbarafini with Bardot in black.

A collection of sunglasses and glass from Eyebuydirect on Instagram

@ilovetrina with Enzo in black, Shadow in striped granite, Havana in clear with blue mirrored lenses, Prism in clear, and Aura in matte champagne.


@howdoyouwearthat with Sun Tea in pink.​

Theory glasses from Eyebuydirect on a table with fruit on Instagram

@melbxks with Theory in warm tortoise.

Man with Shadow sunglasses from Eyebuydirect on Instagram

@yvssiner in Shadow in jet black.

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