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Johnny Q Lee

From Rockville, Maryland comes Johnny Q. Lee, the EBD crew’s very own Godfather of glasses. With over 12 years of experience across luxury industries, fashion companies, and eyewear brands, Johnny lends his skills as a rock-solid leader and top fashion expert.


Johnny prides himself as an expert on the workings of online shopping. As EyeBuyDirect’s Brand Marketing and Creative director, he uses his fashion know-how to support and direct the team’s best efforts.  


Johnny’s got a keen eye for analyzing the ebb and flow of e-commerce, so he’s by no means a stranger to the latest and greatest marketing techniques. Combine that with his pristine knowledge of the fashion world’s climate, and it becomes clear why he’s one of the EyeBuyDirect team’s cornerstone stylists. Fun fact? No matter the occasion, he’s almost always seen wearing some of our most popular frames: Sequence in Striped Amber, and Exposure In Macchiato Tortoise.   


Throughout his years of working in marketing and creative operations, Johnny has always kept one mantra close to his heart: “Life’s all about providing experiences and trying new things. You never know what you’ll like until you’ve tried it”. If you take just one look at him, it’s clear that this sentiment carries double importance when it comes to his fashion and lifestyle. No matter what, he’s always encouraging himself and those around him to explore and push the boundaries of “what if”.


Despite his focused attitude in the office, Johnny isn’t one to neglect his wild side. When he’s not drawing from his wealth of fashion knowledge at work, you can bet that he’s out travelling and unleashing his inner daredevil. As of today, Johnny has skydived into the fields of Thailand, bungee-jumped off the bridges of New Zealand, and scuba dived in the coral-rich depths of Cozumel. As for what’s in store tomorrow, who knows?

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